Here’s Video #2 – I’m being interviewed

Mark (my friend who did my very first video) and I were not able to schedule a time convenient for both of us to do one we had tentatively scheduled for some time in December.

However, a video was done in December — just not the one that was planned.

Here’s What Happened

The partner of a friend (and reader) in New Zealand asked to interview me on his video/podcast. 

I’m NOT a techy.  Thus Gino (my  interviewer) had some difficulty in choosing a way for us to accomplish this video in a manner that was easy enough for me to do.

As it turns out — I ended up on a Skype call with him in the middle of the night, with his trying to solve all the problems and glitches. After a few hours – that part was accomplished.  

Although it would have been nice to plan another time for the interview when I could have “cleaned up a bit” and been refreshed with sleep — I thought it best to do it then and there while things were “working” properly.

So we did.

The Interview’s Subject Matter

Gino starts out by telling how my book changed their life.

Then he asked me to tell why I wrote the book and give a brief overview.

As our conversation progresses I tell of various encounters (that I thought were wonderful to experience) with bees, wasps, hornets, rabbits, and hawks. I also give numerous examples of encounters with snakes that are somewhat unusual.

In the first 20 years of gardening, kids were very much a part of my garden.  I think you’ll enjoy those stories.

Lastly, Gino asks if I have 3 books I would recommend to those watching. (Of course I did. : – )

Why I Decided to Make the Interview Available on TMG

After Gino sent a link to the completed interview, I sent it to a friend that I knew would give me a totally honest opinion. And would give me a reason why he felt it should be available to TMG readers or why it should not (if that had been the case).

He gave me lots of details on what he thought. After reading it all numerous times, here’s what he said that made me think you might enjoy seeing the interview:

Overall it was a freewheeling, informal and informative chat that showed your love of nature and children and gave people a chance to get to know you a little. –— This wasn’t a class… it was a conversation and it was a good one.

Final Thought

I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d like to know either way you decide so I’ll know how to proceed in the future with things that will be of value to you.




  • Great information!
    And I agree with Gino. TM’s book changed, first, the way I garden; and, second, how I looked at life. I bought ten copies and gave them to friends and family. God bless you, Theresa!

  • Happy New Year Theresa,
    I just love hearing you talk about your garden experiences. You have inspired me to keep gardening. I have four great grands now and hope to have them play in my garden next year.
    Thank you for doing another video. I look forward to more!
    Love, Beppy

  • Don in Stafford, Virginia here. You are great! I love it! A wonderful interview it is and please do more! It is very natural and informative. Thank you!
    I have your book and would like to encourage all of your audience to please obtain a copy. It’s a great book!

  • Any way you can get to gardeners, thinking about gardening and newbies is a good idea. I had been gardening for many years, made countless mistakes, wasted lots of money until I found how to garden sensibly and be happy all the time. Then I was introduced to your site and finally found out the “why” of my gardening pleasure, so keep going and thanks for being there.

    Ray Kent

  • Theresa! I cannot believe you did this interview in the middle of the night! You look lovely! And the conversation was light-hearted and entertaining! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  • Janie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m very complimented by them. I hope your gifts were well received.

    Mike, there is no doubt about it — raising your own organic garden
    is more important now than ever! This reply to comments is a bit late — so you have your book in hand and have started reading it already. Enjoy!

    Beppy, I was delighted to hear that I inspired you to keep gardening.
    A blessing for you, a blessing for me, and it will indeed be a blessing in some form or the other for your 4 great grandkids!!

    Don, thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed the video! Also, thanks for letting others know what you thought of my book.

    Ray, I sure am glad Diane (of introduced you
    to me over a decade ago. It’s been a joy having you in my TMG family.
    Thank you for all your encouragement over the years.

    Pat, what a lovely compliment! Thank you!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. It was indeed lighthearted but I hope it was beneficial at the same time.
    Thanks again Pat for letting me know your thoughts.


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