GMail Changes You Need to Know – Yahoo, AOL and others with follow suit

I’ve just learned that if you use Gmail as your email provider you may not get my emails anymore  unless you make some easy adjustments to your account. (Yahoo, aol and some of the other providers will also be making changes but gmail is already doing it.)

Gmail is starting to automatically filter your email messages for you. (These changes may not  have shown up in your account yet — but they will.)  That means you may not see any emails from me in your main inbox UNLESS you adjust your gmail settings.

Google has set up a new tab in your email box titled “Promotions.” And rather than allowing your messages to go directly in your inbox, they are filtering some emails into the Promotions tab automatically.  My private emails to you and the notice of new TMG posts (or FlowerBorders.info posts) could end up in the Promotions box without your ever seeing them.

However with just an easy adjustment you can be sure never to miss a single one.

Not everyone’s inbox has been changed —BUT it will be. (And as I mentioned – yahoo, aol and some of the others will follow suit.)

If your account is already reflecting the changes here’s how you can make my emails or any other important emails land exactly where you can see them when they come in.

You’ll see various tabs in your account including Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, Forums.

Open your email and click on the Promotions tab.
Look for one of the automated notices of a recent TMG post  — it should show as Organic Gardening Blog with a common sense approach <tmartz3@verizon.net> (Automated notices for FlowerBorders.info will show as flower borders made easy—-<tmartz3@verizon.net>.)

Drag each of those emails to your tab titled “Primary.”

A question will pop up asking if you want to do this for all future messages from Organic Gardening Blog with a common sense approach <tmartz3@verizon.net> (or flower borders made easy—<tmartz3@verizon.net>)MAKE SURE YOU CLICK “YES”

You ‘ll also want to do this for any other emails you receive from me with a different email address, for example the special 100 list emails show as Theresa@tendingmygarden.com.  Do the same for this address as you did for the others.

If you don’t find one under the Promotions tab look under Primary next.  If it’s already there you’re good to go without doing anything else. If you still don’t see any check under the other tabs.

If you’d rather not be bothered with these new tabs — just go to the Settings box on the upper right corner of your inbox and select “Settings”.  Click on the “inbox” tab and deselect all the categories.  Click “Save” to keep these changes.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the information I’m providing to you to empower you in your garden. Take action now and follow these steps if the changes have already shown up in your account.  Or bookmark this page so you’ll be ready to take action when they do.




  • On my hot-mail settings, they have an automatic filter for junk mail, but yours doesn’t go there. I set it up so mail from particular addresses go into files automatically. For example, I have a file for gardening(yours and others) and another for garden supplies (on-line catalogs and promos). This way everything is presorted for me. My only complaint is one of the gardening forum’s mail always gets marked “could be dangerous” and I have to click that it is OK before I can click to the site. An extra annoying step.

  • Thanks for this input GardenDmpls.
    I’ve experience that “could be dangerous” thing too on various websites that I know are not dangerous.
    Always nice having you comment.

  • I have gmail and your emails do not go to the promotions tab. However, if it does you can simply drag the email into the inbox tab and they will continue straight to the inbox and not the promotions. It’s really quite nice actually having it that way in my opinion.

  • Thanks for letting me know this Jill.
    Nice knowing of the possibility that everyone may be receiving mail from me without a hitch.
    Thanks again.

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