Garlic is a Family Affair at the Greenberg’s in Wisconsin – Pictures and Making Memories

I emailed Troy Greenberg ( yesterday to see how close he was to selling out.

He replied today with the news that they’re only a week or two away from being sold out!

In addition to taking, pulling, and shipping orders it’s also planting time at GetGarlic.

Fortunately, garlic is a family affair at the Greenberg’s. Everyone pitches in and shares the load.

Rows planted last night and today (Saturday) total 37 with almost 500 cloves per row; and still more to plant. (I can certainly understand why Troy said his back and legs hurt!)

Somehow he finds the time to take pictures to record activities involved in growing garlic each year; and – in the process – the growth of his kids.  I loved it that he shared them with me and thought you’d enjoy them too.

On most computers you can click the picture to enlarge it and take a better look.


4 of the Greenberg clan, Conrad, Elias, Lydia, and Lorna, pulling apart bulbs to ready the cloves for planting.


Cloves are sorted and ready to plant.


Troy’s son, Conrad, prepares the planting holes with the tractor. (This was done by hand until last year.)


Lydia and Lorna take a break from planting to smile at their Dad as he takes pictures.

Final Thoughts

So many great family memories can be made in our gardens.  Your kids and grandkids will carry those memories all their life.

Do everything you can to make them great ones!


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  • What a wonderful way to grow up! Learning how to garden, and how to run a business. It doesn’t get better than that.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and a window into the life of a wonderful family who by the way provided at least 5 families some wonderful garlic last year.
    I recently planted this year’s garlic with what I harvested this summer. Growing my own garlic is so rewarding.

  • Theresa,
    Garlic is something I have had soooo little success with. It seems my timing to plant has caused the cloves to sprout up 6-8 inches B 4 cold sets in. Then they get winter kill even though I planted about 1st week in Nov. last year they still sprouted too tall and I got winter kill bad enough only a hand full came back. I planted more than 60 cloves, only planted the largest etc.

    I looked on the Get Garlic website and they suggest mulching 3-4 inches so I will try it this time. Hopefully with better success.

  • Steve, how deep do you plant? Do you mulch? What state are you in? (I should know, but I’ve forgotten.)

  • I plant about 4 inches deep. No I have never mulched. Missouri zone 5 B.
    Sorry for the late reply I did not get notification.


  • Steve, wish I knew more about your situation to help you more. What puzzles me is why your garlic is being winter killed. It’s a cold weather plant although it does enjoy being mulched to keep the ground from heaving when freezing and thawing.

    I only plant about 2 inches deep because I’m further south. Many years I’ve had garlic grow 6 inches before severe cold comes and it does just fine for me. Although there are years that I lose a good bit of it — usually starting in May – so not a winter kill problem.

    I know it likes soil high in organic matter. I think you have that.

    I’ll be anxious to learn how you do with it this year.

  • Yes, I have high organic matter. Yes, me too. I am going out of town till Nov. 8th, when I get back I will plant and mulch.

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