Feedburner Mess-up – You may have been deleted.

If you’ve commented on TMG or have emailed me I had your email address and have already let you know that TendingMyGarden.com is having trouble with Feedburner.

When I check into the Feedburner site to see my subscribers it shows 0 and has seemingly deleted everyone.

On the other hand, when you re-subscribe – you get a message saying that you are already a subscriber. So — no need to re-subscribe until you stop receiving the posts via email.

As one reader said, “It’s too bad computers are not as easy as gardening.”

I agree.

This post can serve as a test and I hope you will get it via email if you are a subscriber.  If you do —hopefully all is well.  If you don’t – I hope you will find me again.



  • Apparently, this is happening to everybody who uses Feedburner.

    If you click on “Use New Version” in upper right hand corner, you can see that you still have all your subscribers, but the new version does not have all the options that the old version has. I hope Google fixes this soon.

  • Thank you Jeremy for this information. I still can’t see my subscribers, but it does indicate they are there which makes me feel somewhat better. And yes, I hope Google fixes this soon also! Thank you again.

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