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As long-time readers know, I started gardening 42 years ago in order for Bill and I to have something to eat.  The many lessons life has taught me about how simple gardening can be, I’ve shared in more than 800 posts and letters to subscribers. 

New subscribers can read some of our story here.

The Reason Posts Remain Timely

The vast majority of posts remain timely because they deal with the fundamental truths of nature that enable you to easily be successful.

They’re simple and remain fixed.

Nonetheless, I seldom (if ever) see those basics promoted on the internet as keys to success in gardening.   (You’ll see them mentioned hundreds of times on TMG.) 

Methods used to accomplish those principles (fundamental truths) are not locked in stone and can vary. 

I stress that because all of us have different circumstances and all of us have different ideas about how we may want to accomplish the goal. It’s encouraging to everyone to know there is always more than one way. And most likely there is always a simpler way.

A Reader Definitely Gets the Message

I recently received an email from a reader that let me know she is definitely getting that message from reading TMG.  She writes:

Your information is rare:  you are the only gardener I have ever known who knows an incredible amount, has done all sorts of experimentation, yet stays with a searching, beginner mind. 

—The flexibility of how you view your information is quite unusual.  Very refreshing.  Encourages me that I, too, can adapt to changing things in my garden, can find simple solutions that work.  

You give your experiences that help me understand factors that I need to keep in mind.  But the conclusion is not set in stone.

Hopefully All Readers Have Noticed

Over the years I’ve only had two readers point out something about my site that I hope ALL readers notice.

In an email received the other day, one of the two writes:

“Besides the amazing value of the information you give, I’d like to add that you don’t sell yourself to advertisements, 

*your website is clean from annoying popups, 

*you don’t use social media to make people ‘follow you’ or to become ‘trendy’, 

*you stick to your website and put all of your information there, free and easily accessible, searchable and well archived. 

*I always loved your website for this, from the moment I found it. I think everyone else can appreciate this.

Regarding Social Media 

Although social media is the recommended way to gain followers, I never chose that route for various reasons.  

One main reason is the time involved that I don’t have to give to something like that.  I’d rather spend time helping my readers and giving good information on my site.

As you might have guessed if you know about stuff like that — that’s one reason I have fewer subscribers.  Less than a 1,000 after 12 years of writing, because I don’t follow the crowd (in more ways than one).

Do you find this to be true?

One reader and I were having an email conversation about the fact that my subscribers are under 1,000 without using social media.

In her reply she writes, “——with your website being quite high on internet search engines, I know it (the number of subscribers) should be much higher.”

And another reader wrote recently telling me, “However, I thought you might want to know that your website comes right up when one searches “organic residues.”

I wrote back telling her that the reason for that might be because no one else is really talking about easy fundamentals like “organic residues” that are one of the keys to success in the garden.

Why No Ads on TMG?

I get at least one offer a month (and in some seasons one a week) from some company that offers to pay me to advertise them on TMG.  I vet each one and when I find they don’t have the values promoted on TMG, I tell them “no thanks”.

In 12 years online, there has only been one exception and that’s Get Garlic – as long time readers will recall.

Your e-mail Address is Kept Private

Many sites sell their subscribers’ e-mails for extra income.

I don’t.  My subscribers’ emails are kept private.

Many Tell Me They Would Not be Gardening Had They Not Found TMG

If you’ve read What Readers Say and other testimonials throughout TMG, you know that what I’ve shared has helped many who would not otherwise be gardening. 

Gardeners from most of the US and from several countries around the world have asked me for help via email.  I’ve helped all who asked without charge. 

Why I Help

Knowing how to grow food is a skill that can make a huge difference in your life. It not only gives you access to quality food without poisons, but is much more cost efficient. More and more people are recognizing how important it is.

An October day’s harvest.

The secrets that nature has shared with me will be my legacy for those who read TMG.

My Dilemma

It’s been a dilemma for me — especially since Bill died — to know how to continue to provide good information for free that will help you — and at the same time support myself. 

I’ve had some ideas that may solve the problem over time and be of great benefit to readers.  But like anything worthwhile it will take lots of time to make these ideas a reality. 

And giving time to those means taking time from regular posts.

Average posts takes 8 to 24 hours to put up. And that doesn’t include thought time and pictures.  Many – like the seasonal garden tour posts take days. And many of the more than 755 posts have taken weeks.  And of course, all are a result of 42 years in the garden.

Other than my small social security check (and I do mean small) and the few books I sell I have no other income.

Thanking the 10 who contributed this year

I’m extremely grateful to and want to thank the handful of readers who have given some support this year.

Three readers give me monthly support. Two of the 3 donate $10 ($9.07 after the pay pal fee).  The other donates $2. ($1.45 after the pay pal fee) .

Five other readers helped me with their contributions collectively totaling $240.00 for the year. 

A thank you to Laura who recommended my book to numerous new gardeners and to all who purchased the book.

And then there’s the one reader in Illinois who doesn’t even garden and helped in a major way! 

If you’ve benefited from my help and the information I share freely on and if you’re able,  please consider supporting or sponsoring the work I do to help you become more successful in your garden. 

I want to continue to add value to your gardening experience so you won’t have to spend years learning what took me 42 years to learn.  

As Ray, my long time reader and friend from Canada said after reading a post I had written, “You have condensed what it took me years to learn”.  

Final Thoughts

Your support will allow me to continue to help you.

I don’t yet have an option to use instead of Pay Pal.  Click the link below if you want to use a charge card or your Pay Pal account.  

Click HERE to support or sponsor.

For those who had rather mail a check, just let me know.

Wishing you every joy of the season and all the best for the year ahead.


A days harvest in  September.


  • Hi Theresa,
    Sorry I haven’t written in a few years. My husband Kavanaugh developed dementia a number of years ago and he passed away last January so it’s almost a year. I know you know the pain of losing a husband. We had been married 60 years. I would really like to help you out if you will email me your mailing address. With love, Beppy white

  • Hiya Theresa!

    There is no way for me to quantify the value I have received from 2 years of reading TMG and talking to you privately via emails these past few months. Everything I have learned, put into practice and the results I’ve seen are way beyond priceless.

    In the “Never Underestimate the Power of a Little” department, if each of your almost 1,000 subscribers each contributed a dollar, your increase in monthly income would be almost 1,000 dollars. Of course given the 20/80 rule, it’s more likely that only about 200 of the almost 1,000 would contribute, so each contributing 5 dollars would get you to 1,000 a month. And then there is the harsh reality that even less than 200 would actually contribute, so maybe 10 a month is the best option for you and still inexpensive for us.

    I can’t in good conscience have posted comments about all the money you have saved me since I no longer “have to” buy bone meal, blood meal and any number of other products promoted everywhere else online that have more to do with years of successful marketing than they do with successful gardening as nature intended, and not respond in some way.

    I’ve talked with my Susan and we would like to send you a small check each month, when we receive our Social Security checks. Rather than me being embarrassed that I can only afford a small contribution I’m going to depend on your “Never Underestimate the Power of a Little” principle and the goodness of the many people I see commenting here to realize that if we all pitch in as little as five dollars a month, less than the cost of one (not on the dollar menu) burger at McDonalds, you would be helped in return for all the knowledge you have freely given all of us.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Take care and God bless,

  • Hi, Theresa,
    Just donated—I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I’ve been reading your posts for 3 or 4 years now and it has been SO helpful. As a suburban gardener in Tidewater, Virginia, without a lot of “family experience” in gardening, I’ve been figuring things out from scratch the last few years, and the gardening books don’t seem to mention our particular climate very much! Thank you so much for all of your tips! You are the reason I tried growing peas, and they are incredible! Next spring I hope to have enough to save some for the freezer.

  • Hi Theresa!
    As you know I am relatively new to your fantastic website! And I am now a keen advocate! I am constantly passing your details on to others so they might open their eyes and see how much easier and much more beneficial gardening can be if we work with nature!

    There are so many other sites offering unnecessary, overly complicated (and costly) methods for quite a large monthly fee! You have saved me a fortune!

    I smiled at Hollys comments as I too am inspired to grow peas this year! I wasn’t getting much success and we love them! So my aim is to have a freezer full for next winter.. fingers crossed!

    Anyway, I think most readers would happily pay a yearly subscription on signing up. I certainly would be happy to do so!

    Oh and thank you again for the seed starting book! What an eye opener! Worth every penny!

    I wish you all the best and thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
    Wendy x

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