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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Marketing/Hype – Will The Product Advertised Give You Healthy Nutrient Dense Produce You Desire?

The onslaught of advertising for gardening products is on!

Have you already seen several things that you think would enhance your garden’s ability to produce more? Or help your newly started seedlings grow better? Or be just the kind of watering system you need?

Do These Advertisements Sound Like Something You Need?

“Our unique fertilizer is blended to include all the micro-nutrients that (whatever […]

What You Add This Fall is the Secret to Fertilizing Your Soil for Next Spring

Are you a gardener who’s still adding a little bit of this or a little bit of that “purchased” organic fertilizer to make your soil “better” and/or feed your plants?

Are you of the mind set that buying bagged soil mixed with compost is a great way to grow vegetables?

If you are, you’re probably in good company. I think I’d be safe to […]

Soil Improvement /More on What Changes Poor Soil to Good

I’ve received some emails over the past few months that have indicated a lack of understanding of what changes poor soil to good soil, and about what compost is and isn’t.

One reader, a relatively new gardener, does a lot of searching for information about what he should do.

Not wanting to double-dig his heavy clay soil, he searched for information that would possibly […]

Real Soil – Fake Soil – and a Reader’s Question about Mulch

I find it rather amazing that product marketing has convinced a lot of gardeners that in-soil-gardening is passé; in other words old fashion and out dated.

Buying a bag of something or other – even though it has no nutrient value whatsoever – is just what is needed to raise veggies – so they say. Throw in a little compost to give a few […]

Organic Residues – The Needed Energy for Soil Fertility

Through millennia farmers have known that the soil must be fed (with organic materials) and nurtured to keep it producing. This basic understanding was lost by conventional agriculture when chemicals (and high dollar marketing) came on the scene 100 plus years ago.

As a result of the inundation of chemicals on our soils, they have become depleted of all that is needed to grow […]

3 Keys to Successful Gardening – More Proof They Work

If the people of the world are to have food in the years to come, a great change will have to take place in the way farming is done.

Any of us who have been paying attention realize that big chemical companies are responsible for the currently dominant farming methods.

In spite of all the promotion saying that chemicals and poisons are necessary and […]

“Inputs” – What You Really Need vs. What’s Often Promoted

Its energy restored after a wintry rest, the earth is responding to the change of seasons and signs of spring are everywhere.  In a few days the birds will start to announce the change and begin the ancient pattern of renewing life.

All beings feel the change; humans included.  But most of all I think it’s felt more by those who have within them […]

Organic Gardening – Adding Commercial Fertilizers – Nutrient Dense Food

The use of organic fertilizer products (and/or insecticides) is not really what organic gardening is about.

True organic gardening strives to create a fertile soil by a natural cycling of organic material. When the living organisms in the soil are supported and nourished by decayed organic material and cover crops, they produce healthy crops which in turn create health in humans and animals that […]

Organic Gardening – Think you can’t start this year? Consider this.

I received an email from Stephanie, a reader, who had just finished reading Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening.

She writes: I have to say that your book is the best book on organic gardening that I’ve ever read…and I’ve read (many).

The conventional advice for organic gardening often had my head reeling!  It seemed so […]

Want to Increase Your Garden’s Chances of Success for Next Year?

The more soil area plant roots have access to, the more abundantly they can produce. (That’s one of the main reasons for deep soil preparation when you start a garden.)

The specific soil organisms that partner with and help 90% of all plants and extend the root systems of the plant up to 2,500 times what the plant could reach by itself, won’t survive […]