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February Garden Talk – Onions Seedlings – Unconventional Tips – Planting Cole Crops Early – Discovering Easy Seed Starting and Other stuff

Planted 4 varieties of onions with  good storage potential on January 15th. Yellow Parma, Australian Brown, Stuttgarters and Mako. They’re up about 4 or 5 inches.

Onion seedlings outside in containers.  Started January 15th.


Spinach just germinated two days ago.

Friend and reader, Betty Taylor, in Tennessee grows Stuttgarters and has given excellent reviews on their keeping ability.

If you’re interested […]

A Reader Writes: “Everyone is amazed at my garden!”

Friend and reader, Loretta lives in Ohio. Her husband ordered the book Organic Gardening – Cutting through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening for her birthday at the beginning of this year.

She was excited and wrote to me saying that at age 57, this would be her first garden!

About every month after that she wrote updating me and/or asking […]

A Reader Applies What She’s Learned

Hearing or reading about the successes and experiences of others as they’ve faced various problems can give us renewed zeal and enthusiasm to better face our own challenges and difficulties.

When I hear that I’ve helped others reach higher, accomplish more, find a better way, and/or be encouraged in general — it inspires me as well.

A Reader in Utah

One such reader is […]