Birds Outside My Window

Yesterday, while writing a new post for this site, I heard the clear loud song of a Carolina Wren outside the window in front of my computer. I slowly parted the blind to look out and there was a beautiful little Carolina Wren –  tail drooped and singing his (or her) heart out.

Today at approximately the same time, we had repeat performance.

It’s such a treat to hear their clear mellow song.  Most of the time in the summer, all I pay attention to from these guys is their strong, piercing, constant and continuous fussing around dusk. It’s like an annoying and sharp chirrup-chirrup-chirrup-chirrup- etc.

The Carolina Wren is one of my favorite birds and fortunately for me they don’t migrate, but rather stay with us all year. Once they establish their territory they usually remain there throughout their life. (Maximum life span is about 6 years.)

They take a mate anytime during the year.  Once they do, they stay together for life.

Their diet includes  insects, spiders, caterpillars, moths, flies, grasshoppers, crickets, moths, bugs, and some animals like small snakes, lizards, tree frogs, and snails. They are great to have around.

Especially in winter they will visit feeders that offer suet, sunflower seeds, and/or peanuts.

I don’t have a picture for you of my Caroline Wren in song. But I do have a picture that Bill took of him looking for morsels in my border.  It was from a long distance so is not the clearest.

Look carefully to see his little tail, which is almost always held straight up unless he is singing.

This little Carolina Wren is perfectly camouflaged while looking for a tasty morsel in our borders.

I found a way for you to listen to what I heard outside my window.  Cut and paste this web address into your browser – – and then click under Songs and Calls to listen to the voice of the Carolina Wren.  It is exactly what I heard.  To see him they way I saw him —–look to the right  —- under the illustrations —- to Photos.  Click the small icons until you get the one labeled Carolina Wren and Carolina Wren 1.  They are just what our little wren looks like just before he bursts forth with his song and after he starts singing.

This stressed-from-the-drought barberry looks awful, but various song birds love it. The window is by my computer, so I get to enjoy them.

This year’s drought took its toll on the red barberry bush outside the window where my little friend enjoys singing.  As dreadful as it looks, I guess I’ll leave it at least until spring, so I won’t miss any performances.


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  • Bird watching is so much fun. We have a Mockingbird who is sitting on a door handle looking at himself in the glass-and pooping Pokeberries on the door mat. He did the same thing last fall. Kinda funny really.

    We had our first frost last night. It may have burned my pepper plant but didn’t hurt the tomatoes.

  • Hi Beppy,

    I don’t want that frost creeping this way! I have a lot of peppers and tomatoes to harvest yet!

    When they call for frost I’m going to try to cover some of my stuff. If I can make it through that first frost we could still get warm temperatures and thus – more harvest.


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