At What Age Should Kids be Introduced to Gardening?

A reader just left questions as part of her comment on the last post. She wanted to know if I offer gardening ideas for kids?  And at what age should she start introducing her kids to gardening?

As soon as kids can get into your garden (whether you’re still carrying them or they’re toddling in) that’s when you start — ready or not.

Kids are so easy.

You don’t have to do much to teach them.  Just be yourself and enjoy them and your garden. They’ll learn from simple happenings that you won’t even notice; at least until it surfaces at a future date.

They always want to “help” and be part of what Mom or Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa) are doing.

Nothing has to be complicated or hard.

They’ll find simple things (like a bug) fascinating.  And they’ll have LOTS of questions.  Keep your answers simple. Nothing long or involved.

To help You with Ideas:

I’ve written nine short posts that deal with kids in one way or the other. For your convenience I’ve listed them below.

You’ll get at least one laugh and smile out of each post.  And hopefully you’ll get lots of ideas about how your child can learn in the garden.

A three year old waters some lettuce. (A special thanks to Sandra for sending this picture to me in 2013 and allowing me to use it. It has always been a favorite.)

Final Thought

Include your kids in your gardening whenever they want to be there no matter what their age.  Not every child will take to the garden like you do.  But you still might be amazed at what sticks and will help them in the future.

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  • I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a garden as a kid. I automatically planted seeds and watched things grow with happiness. I don’t remember my parents teaching me but I do know a lot of what I learned about life was by osmosis.

    Somewhere along the line gardening fell by the wayside until about 25 years ago I volunteered at a heritage park in Florida tending an 1800’s kitchen garden as a Snowbird. It all came back in a rush and when I got back to Canada I happily restarted my garden.

    No one including me would ever have foreseen me in a garden as an adult but I now spend my summers and fall in the garden. I spend the winter with heritage seed catalogues and planning next summer.

    It can never be too soon to take kids into the garden and I’m very thankful my parents knew it.

    Happy gardening

    Ray Kent

  • Theresa

    I had watermelon at about 3 or 4 and my brother told me i could plant seeds and get watermelon. I thought I would get them the next day.

    It introduced me to gardening and I have had a garden for over 60 years straight after I became a teenager.

    Yes they should, but with help. (supervision)

  • I have a 2 and a half year old. I will be introducing it to him immediately. I believe it lets kids understand life a lot more if you teach them that plants are also living things that grow and need to be taken care.

    Check out these portfolios, they have some gardens too, and spread to your friends who need landscaping in 2021!

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