ARS Master Rosarian Recommends Floribundas – Part 5

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May 23, 2010

Floribundas Part 5 by Charlotte Hundley, ARS Master Rosarian

No recommendation for Floribundas would be complete withoutGruss an Achen the one that started it all. Introduced in 1909 it is still available and grows in my garden as one of my favorites.  Its fragrant clusters of blooms mimic old garden roses in form and size.

Also included in todays recommendations are the striking Hannah Gordon and the classic Amber Queen.

# 1 This picture of Gruss an Achen rose bush was taken when it was not yet in full bloom.

# 2 A bloom of Gruss an Aachen

#3 Hannah Gordon blooms

#4 Amber Queen – buds and bloom

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