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Got my letter from Golden Acres Orchard in the mail today.

I’ve written the details on them before. (Here’s the link.)

As I mentioned in the previous post  — the apples in the stores always remind me of the beautiful apple the wicked queen gave to Snow White.  With all their many poisons I wouldn’t touch ’em. Fortunately, there are still growers who grow biologically and organically.

Delicious winesap apples from Golden Acres Orchard.

Delicious winesap apples from Golden Acres Orchard.

A.P. Thomson founded Gold Acres Orchard 68 years ago in 1945  and grew some of the best.  His widow and his son still keep the orchard going in the “spirit of Mr. Thomson”.

Shipping is expensive and I save a little bit along in the year to be able to order from them and have apples once a year.  (Bill and I don’t eat any store bought apples and have no access to good apples close by.)

The orchard is located at 2608 Ashby Station Road, Front Royal, Virginia 22630.  Their phone number is 540-636-9611.  Folks at the orchard may be working  — so you may have to leave a message. Mrs. Thomson or John will get back to you.  (Sometimes not that same day.)

If you live close by Front Royal, Virginia you can save a bundle of money and get apples for apple sauce, pies, freezing, canning etc. by the bushel at great prices.

You have several options if you plan to go there:

  • You can pick from bins in storage at the farm and fill your own bushel box for $26.  (I think this is a tremendous value!)
  • Or you can get a loose-packed bushel box with #1 grade apples for $46.00
  • If you want a tray-packed box the cost goes up to $51.50.

If you need them shipped the cost goes up again. East of the Mississippi is $71.50. West of the Mississippi is $76.50.

Read my previous post to learn even more about these folks.  And be sure to read the wonderful testimonials in the comments by folks who knew Mr Thomson.

Oh – and by the way — if you haven’t tried their apple juice —- it’s out of this world delicious! If you pick it up at the orchard you can get a 4 gallon case for $30.50.

I use to buy a gallon or two at a time  from Good Food Grocery in Richmond, Virginia when we went to Richmond more often. Call them before you make a special trip over there just to make sure they have it or are getting it.  The number at the Gayton Crossing Store is 804-740-3518.

That $26 per bushel price for “fill your bushel box” is very appealing and I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of it.  With $26 and a little effort in making sauce, etc to freeze — your family can have this delicious and healthful fruit (the apple) fresh all through the fall and preserved through the winter.


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  • I made tomato sauce using your oven-roasted method this morning. Truly easy and delicious! I’ll never make it any other way now. I’m going to use these in a batch of chili tonight. Thanks!

  • Glad you feel the same way I do Betty. It’s so easy and delicious — why do it any other way!
    Also, I duplicated your comment on the Tomato Sauce post so other could benefit from your testimonial.

  • We started to buy the juice from them via Polyface Farm delivery here in Annapolis. It is wonderful, and so great to be able to get it. I wish we could get the apples this way too.

  • I wish you could too Sandra. They are truly wonderful. Winesaps are ready first and we always try to get those. They don’t have many trees left of the winesaps and I’m always afraid they won’t have them. Yorks are great to get after that — because they are such good keepers because of their naturally heavy wax coating that nature gives them.

    Glad at least you can get the juice. I think it’s about the best apple juice I’ve ever had.

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