Encouragement (for Life as well as the Garden)

And to think — they said it couldn’t be done!

I just read the greatest quote and had to share it with you.  (The person who said this was not mentioned — but I would imagine  quite a few people could take credit for it.) Here it is:

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

I really relate to that quote, because it seems that I’ve heard “you can’t do that”  all my life about almost everything I’ve ever done.

  • My marriage wouldn’t work. (Bill and I have been married 48 years.)
  • Bill couldn’t make a living with art. (He’s been a full time artist for almost 35 years. And although we struggled for decades, art supports us now.)
  • You can’t garden without chemicals. (I’ve been organic gardening without chemicals for almost 35 years.)

The unwritten list is much longer.

So many people who have never tried or done something that you’re trying to do or doing — are anxious to tell you that it can’t be done.

I would encourage you to turn a deaf ear to those folks and keep on keeping on.

Look at all you’ve accomplished thus far!

Have a fabulous week doing all those impossible things.  🙂


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  • Theresa, You are a fabulous teacher and so full of experience. I subscribe to your blog because I luv learning from you. I am presently disabled and live in an apt w a balcony (5×11), Central FL, zone 9 (where we have 3 planting seasons it seems)…I can only container garden and thru info on the internet I have started dwarf tomatoes, peppers and I am hoping to grow a salad garden that can supplement my very tight income.

    Do you container garden? What advice can you share with me regarding the most frugal way to have the best container soil (I do not compost as I do not know how or have the space, I think)…I have just been buying regular potting mix and adding worm compost that I purchase online…

    Any advice would be a blessing from you…and thank you in advance!

  • Hello Jenny! Thank you for commenting and telling a little bit about yourself. It’s always nice to get to know readers better. 🙂
    Congratulations on what you’ve done so far.
    The only container gardening I’ve done is grow bags in the garden and I use my garden soil.
    I will have to give a lot of thought to your question because it’s not what I do so I don’t know much about it.
    There has to be a way to get great results with container gardening because MANY people do it.

    Some of my readers did (or maybe do) add purchased mixes to raised beds. From various questions they ask and things they tell me they are not being as success as they would like to be with that. Again — there has to be a way —- because many do it.

    Are you able to get any soil from the ground?

    I think you might be able to compost on a very small scale in a container. Kitchen scraps (no animal products), some dried vegetation (that will be the carbon part) and/or straw, and maybe some leaves if you can get them. You’ll have to turn it from time to time, but I think it’s doable.
    You might want to do a little research — but don’t get overwhelmed with info. Keep it simple — because it is. Certainly worth a try, Jenny!

    Email me Theresa@tendingmygarden.com and tell me what you have access to: soil from the ground, leaves, etc? What kind of potting mix?

    Your salad garden should be a great success in a container. You can probably get started on that right now if you are in Florida.

    Again, Jenny, I want to congratulate you on what you have done so far. I think it will only get better and better.

    Email me with as much detail as you can. I’ll get back to you via email.

  • I loved reading your post about never listening to the ‘naysayers’. I often share this modern day parable that speaks to that very tendency. A woman walking along the shore happened upon a man who was crabbing. There was a pail with a dozen or so crabs in it, and she observed the crabs climbing the sides to escape. She alerted the man and suggested he put a lid on the pail, but he said he didn’t have to. He explained that no crab would ever escape the pail because as one scrabbled toward the rim, the others were so busy trying to pull themselves out, they pulled the escaping one right back down.

    Let’s make sure we don’t ever let the naysayers keep us from ‘escaping the pail’ to our freedom!! We can ask their opinions, and consider their advice, but not be afraid to disregard that advice. Your examples are proof of that – I, too, have many such examples in my life.

    Thanks for your generous sharing and constant encouragement.

  • Sheila, your wonderful comment and parable really lifted my spirits. If I encouraged you —- you have indeed returned the encouragement to me.
    Thank you! I am so glad you are benefiting from reading TMG

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