Addendum to the post – Lettuce – Harvesting for Dinner on July 16th

It rained today and Bill took a picture for me that perfectly shows the right color for picking lettuce in the heat of the summer. So I added the following as an Addedum to the post of July 16th.  I’ll delete this post after a week or so.  It was such a perfect example of color I wanted you to know that I had added it to the previous post.

Addendum added – July 21, 2012
The picture below was taken after we finally got rain on July 21, 2012.  The stalk toppled from the rain. The top leaves still show more of a blue — which indicates too bitter to eat.

Yesterday (July 20th) – before the rain — the big bottom leaves were dull and more blue.    After the rain they had the look of color you’d see in spring lettuce.   The picture shows perfectly the right color to pick and enjoy in a salad —- even at the end of July!

Lettuce after the rain on July 21, 2012. The big bottom leaves are perfect for picking .  I’ll soak in cold water, dry and then they’re ready for the salad bowl.

Another variety of lettuce after the rain today. The large leaf at the bottom left and those in the center show just the right color for picking and enjoying in a salad. The top leaves are too dull and red — and bitter.


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