A Thanksgiving Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,

Although my intent in writing for this website has been to encourage, entertain and help you — it seems that you have encouraged, entertained (at times) and helped me.

You’ve made me smile, made me think and made me more appreciate what I do in my own garden, yard and kitchen.

One of my readers —- whom I had the pleasure of meeting this past June — tells me that she has been greatly helped by the information provided on this site. (She and her family live outside Richmond, Va. on rural land that was once farmed by their family 3 generations ago.)

As I am sure you have experienced, it’s a good feeling to help someone be better able to help themselves. The letter she wrote as a testimonial to help encourage others is lengthy —- but will eventually end up on this site for you to read in its entirety.  In the meantime I have excerpted certain basic points from her letter. Brackets are added where necessary for clarity. The parentheses are those of the letter’s writer.

The Excerpts:

“One of the most wonderful things we learned is that you don’t have to know it all to be successful. You just have to follow — {the information given in the TendingMyGarden website.}

“As beginners with very little knowledge and experience and with nearly dead soil, we never thought we would have the results that we now have – and in the middle of a drought no less.  Our plants are beautiful, happy, and healthy looking far superior to the plants we ever grew prior {to following Theresa’s advice}.

“AND WITH VIRTUALLY NO WEEDING!  We would never have obtained this kind of result this time of year in this kind of drought from the way we were gardening before.

“—– after this amazing experience, we would not consider another way to garden.

“Using our new garden beds {prepared via Theresa’s instructions on TMG}, we know we can concentrate more on tending to our garden —- rather than fighting the weeds. I can only imagine what our garden will be like in the future when conditions improve all around.  How exciting!  I can’t wait until next year!

“We owe a lot to Bill and Theresa for helping reenergize us and providing the confidence to make the change from traditional gardening to organic gardening —.

” From one reader to another: Have faith in the instruction (it absolutely works!) and just go for it!  Once you do, you will never look back. Best wishes Everyone!”

END Excerpts

My Thanksgiving Wish for You

Bill and I wish you and your family the most wonderful of holidays.  May your lives be blessed and filled with the joy of Thanksgiving every day.


  • I’m happy to share what I know Beppy. You encourage me a lot.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and K. and all 19 family members that will join you tomorrow!

    Warmest wishes,

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