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A Reader Helps Again – Careful what you believe – Marketed Reality – or Real

Sandra wrote to me today. She said perfectly so much that I thought would help and be of benefit to almost every reader of TMG.  In just a few brief sentences she summed up what I’m all about and what TMG is all about.  And she made suggestions for future writings.

Words inside parentheses are mine for clarity. She writes:

“I just read the latest TMG post from your reader about the success with her squash. It occurred to me that many people give up when they plant something.  Either, too much sun, too much rain, too little rain, bugs, etc. etc. kills it.

How about (writing) something (in  the future) — ‘the secret’ to a successful garden – that is – the REAL secret – never giving up, expecting to fail in some things EVERY year, etc. (In other words – every year is different.) —— In short, your philosophy, that has inspired that reader and me to keep on going.

Too many garden books seem to imply that if I do everything correctly then I’ll have a bumper crop – this is not true, (and) misleads the reader into thinking that it’s their fault and doesn’t prepare them for reality. ”

Then she goes on to say, ” One of the things that sets you apart is that you know the difference between tried and true advice as opposed to the stuff we read in those ‘generic’ learn-to-garden books. I have stopped worrying about so many things since I began reading TMG.

Perhaps (in future writings) you can help people understand what IS worth fussing over (as opposed to) what is just hype, marketing, and/or nothing to concern yourself about. Those garden books all say the same thing: six hours of sun, soil test, 1 inch of water per week, etc. etc. So —if a new gardener doesn’t come to grips with all that, or have such a site (garden), then they almost want to give up before they get started.”

And she ends with, “You really inspire me to keep on at things, for you never seem to stop learning and planning.”

I could have spent hours and never summed up TMG better than Sandra.

At some later date I’ll address the reasons behind a lot of those books and articles that you read, why you can’t believe everything they tell you, and why they don’t deal in reality.


To my readers: You bring me as much joy as this beautiful flower that Bill just took a picture of after the rain storm. Thank you for your comments, emails, ideas, and encouragement!


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Organic gardening is easy, effective, efficient — and it’s a lot healthier.


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  • I find the results of my garden are different every year for no “apparent” reason. This year, I waited til late July to plant my squash…no bugs !! Early tomatoes were perfect and wonderful, then got the bottom rot thing..I added calcium to the soil and are now producing well again tho slow to ripen. Grew watermelon for the first time…just one plant and got 6 melons..same for cantaloupe. One just never knows…just keep on keeping on.

  • The way I see it my garden produces what I need in abundance. I had a bumper crop of green beans a couple of years ago which at the time I thought was overwhelming canning nearly 60 quarts and giving a lot away. But the following year my bean crop of nothing, got one picking to fresh eat. I take what my garden gives me and use it, thankful for any overabundance because you never really do know what next year will bring! Plus I’m always trying new things and that sometimes equals epic fails! lol 🙂

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