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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Vegetable Garden – Reasons for Success

This Spring the garden seems more enjoyable than ever before and so far the best and most beautiful of any in 34 years. It’s almost impossible to attribute any success or failure to any one thing because of all the variables involved.  But there are certain major things that you can point to as being responsible for most successes and/or failures.

The Majors:

A […]

Wintersown – Another Plus

I’ve potted up a lot of perennials raised via the winter-sown method.  Have lots of lavendar, rosemary, parsley, and other things in pots.  In addition, I’m still starting more seed.  And then there are the extras of various peppers and tomatoes that I have sitting among the collection.  I keep hoping I’ll find a place for them.

Some days ago I noticed some tiny […]

Early Hakurei Turnips – Compliments of the Wintersown Method

Bill and I have always disliked turnips.  Then last year we heard rave reviews about the Japanese Hakurei turnips.  Although I could hardly believe that we would enjoy any kind of turnip, I tried them last fall.  We loved them!

In my hopes to get some delicious Hakurei turnips ahead of the season, I sowed the Hakurei seed in a jug via the wintersown […]

Seed Starting – Another Variation of Wintersown

Quite by accident, I may have come up with my best variation of the wintersown method so far for warm weather crops.

On March 15th I filled the bottom half of two jugs with my grow mix and added about 1/8 cup of compost to the mix.  I planted about 7 eggplant seeds of one variety in one and 3 seeds in another. Taped […]

Seed Starting – Peppers – An Observation

In spite of feeling an urgency to get my plants in the garden — I’ve really tried to pay attention to what the weather and the plants are saying rather than hurry things along.

I’ve started my warm weather crops with variations of the wintersown method and with excellent results.  The seedlings are healthy, green, robust and growing!  (You know my past experience with […]

You Can Plant in December

Last year about this time, a reader of TMG sent me a link showing pictures of someone using gallon plastic jugs like mini greenhouses.

They cut the jugs almost in half leaving the top part slightly attached. Punched holes in the bottom for drainage. Filled the bottom with about 3 inches of Pro-Mix and watered well.

Jug has been cut, holes punched in […]