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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Watering – Guidelines to Consider

I had to run out to the garden about noon today to get some radishes for lunch.  When I walked out the door in the cool shade of our big maples it was delightful. I was comfortable and shaded all the way to the garden.  Once a few feet past the gate, I felt the true warmth of the day since all but a […]

One Reason Plants Wilt and Actions that Help

There are many reasons that plants can wilt. Heat (especially coupled with direct sunlight) is one. 99% of the time running for the watering can or hose is not the answer.

I know it’s always upsetting to see a plant wilt.  I’ve seen it many times over 33 years and as much as I know “all will be well in the morning” — I […]

A Tip from an ARS Master Rosarian and the Water Wand Story

I received a tip from Mrs. Hundley this morning that I thought I’d pass along. (As you will recall, Mrs. Hundley did 7 guest posts for Tending My Garden readers in May and is an ARS  Consulting Rosarian, Master Rosarian and Horticulture Judge.)

She writes in her email, “The roses seem to be holding their own in this heat and dry weather.  I have used a water wand to prevent spider mites.” (The best solution to just about anything is prevention.)

Later, via phone, she told me how spider mites —–read more—-

Contained Raised Beds? NO WAY!

I see contained raised beds in magazines that are showing off someone’s beautifully laid out garden. Some are quite elaborate and look lovely. The walled raised beds used in landscaping (for example to control erosion on a hill) make a great improvement to the property and if one can afford the expense and labor in constructing them they should last for a long time.

Our framer of years past (my husband is an artist) had a stone wall that enclosed a flower bed. She had an infestation of copperhead snakes —–read more—-