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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Blackberries and Raspberries – Know What to Expect

Berries are exciting and easy to grow for the home gardener.  But if you haven’t done your homework and have no idea of how they grow,  your excitement might turn to discouragement.

Brambles (raspberries and blackberries) send up new growth from underground.  And they can send up a lot.

When you order they tend to come in 3s.  I’m sure the suppliers intent is […]

Raspberry – An Easy Gourmet Tip

This tip makes gourmet ultra easy.

When you harvest that last cupful of raspberries in late fall, take 20 minutes and make something special you can use during the Thanksgiving or Christmas season to elevate a simple dessert to gourmet.

Raspberries picked in mid-November.

Rinse the berries.  Drain.  Place in strainer.   Mash with back of large spoon while you hold it […]

Plan to Succeed - Plan for Backup

You know the principal from being successful in your finances, your career, or your kitchen.  Even in the garden – to insure success –  plan for backup whenever it’s possible.

Every year has a different set of variables no matter where you live.  All it takes is a slight alteration of variables like temperatures, rain, heat, etc. for one crop to flourish more (or less) than it did in previous years.

I depend heavily on my garden as a food source.  Not only does the produce taste better, but it’s much more life giving than store bought food.  To insure that there is always something to eat, planning for backup is part of my routine.  Actually, it’s pretty easy most of the time.

Here are a few suggestions on planning for backup. —–read more—-

How Is Your Garden in This Drought?

My guess is if you’re a bare ground gardener you’re not doing well at all.  If you mulch I would imagine you’re still having some difficulties, although you’ve probably made it through a lot better than conventional gardeners.

Even if you’re set up to water, it’s not the same as rain to plants. I don’t water, but when I thought I was going to lose my cucumbers and squash for sure, I hauled several gallons of water to them (twice) to try to get them through.   Fortunately – we had just enough rain last week to help them make a recovery.

The picture below is what you see as you walk into my garden. The cucumber is growing into my asparagus.  Tomatoes are to the left and right. (Summer poinsettia at bottom left corner of picture reseeds in my garden every year.  It’s so lovely I would hate to pull it all up.) This was taken yesterday, July 21, 2010.

Here’s how the same cucumbers  have been —–read more—-

Raspberries for Your Garden

Fruit can be in almost every home garden.

In all the years I’ve gardened I never thought about growing raspberries until 2007 after finding a recipe using red raspberries that I wanted to add to my list of special “company is coming” recipes.  Sadly it never occurred to me back then to search the web and I searched the catalogs instead.

I read that Latham summer bearers were suppose to be some of the best!  Boy was I disappointed!  After planting in the  fall of 07, first fruits  came in 2008. They were small, mushy, and horrible tasting!  Realizing that I had made a mistake, I ordered —–read more—-

Mulching Your Fruits, Vegetables, and Perennials

April 10

Some folks have told me they don’t have an understanding of how to mulch certain vegetable beds.  They reason that the newly emerged vegetables will be mashed by the mulch.

Using crops that are currently planted in my garden (or will be soon) as examples below, I’ve been more specific about just —–read more—-