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Hornworms – Why you might need a few in Your Garden?

I received an email the other day from a reader in Richmond, Virginia.  He reported that is garden is doing much better this year even though he got off to a slow start.  He also sent me a great photo he took that morning of a visitor on his tomato plant.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it — it was a hornworm.

I have […]

Organic Pest Control – Two Stories

For the first time this year I’m growing members of the cabbage family that are preferred host plants for harlequin bugs. With the introduction of Russian Kale, Hakurei turnips and Mizuna to my garden, came more Harlequin  bugs.

The Rest of the Story

In spite of the fact that I know better after 35 years of gardening, I tried to ignore the fact […]

Growing Broccoli – Worm Control for the Organic Gardener

There’s nothing like the taste of broccoli fresh from the garden.  You can’t buy it in the store.  The taste is just not the same.

In spite of that, I’ve not given priority to raising broccoli because I need the space and time for food that will last me longer and go a lot further than broccoli. But for the 3rd time in 34 […]

Discrepancies in IDs – Hornworms – Eggs or Cocoons

Tomato or Tobacco Hornworm – Eggs or Cocoons of Braconid Wasp

The biggest of caterpillars – at least in my gardens – are the hornworms.  Fully grown they’re enough to gross-out any gardener, even the most seasoned among us. The ones in my garden are Tobacco Hornworms, although – until the past few weeks — I thought they were Tomato Hornworms.

They look pretty […]

A Tip from an ARS Master Rosarian and the Water Wand Story

I received a tip from Mrs. Hundley this morning that I thought I’d pass along. (As you will recall, Mrs. Hundley did 7 guest posts for Tending My Garden readers in May and is an ARS  Consulting Rosarian, Master Rosarian and Horticulture Judge.)

She writes in her email, “The roses seem to be holding their own in this heat and dry weather.  I have used a water wand to prevent spider mites.” (The best solution to just about anything is prevention.)

Later, via phone, she told me how spider mites —–read more—-