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Onions – More Reasons to Eat them Fresh

As I mentioned in my last post – sweet onions fresh from the garden are delicious treats of the season.  The sweetness in sweet onions is short lived.

But there are other reasons to eat onions besides the fact that they’re delicious.

Powerful Antioxidants (Flavonoids)

Onions contain powerful antioxidants (called flavonoids) for fighting infections, disease and aging.

Concentrated in Outer Layers

To make sure […]

Onions – Those to Enjoy as First Fruits and Those to Store

Every since I can remember I’ve always been anxious to partake of first fruits – no matter what the crop. In the case of onions – you really get two first fruits.  Number #1 is spring onions.  And the other first fruit would be a mature onion fresh from the ground.

It’s true that some onions can last through the winter. But cured and […]

Onions – Tip – What to Do with the Small Ones

A reader wrote to me the other night and gave me the details of the wonderful success she and her husband have had with onions this year. She had written to me earlier saying she’d followed my onion planting instructions to the letter. Although she is an experienced gardener, her previous onion crops had not been successful. But by planting transplants, planting earlier than […]

Onions – Why Grow a Lot?

My answer would be because onions are one of the easiest and best investments on the planet!  There’s hardly any work involved and the effort that is required is minimal.

Onions are easy to keep.  And it’s pretty hard to beat the price.  Mine average out to about 6 to 10 cents a piece if they’re from transplants and about a penny or two […]

Onions – Starting from Seed is Easy and Economical

I’ve been growing onions for 34 years and they’re one of my best crops.  Took me about 3 years of gardening to find out that the best, the biggest and the healthiest onions come from transplants.  But what I didn’t find out until recent years was — how easy and economical it is to start the seed and grow your own transplants.

It’ll cost […]

Onion Burgers – A delicious recipe for onions.

Onion Burgers are my favorite Indian recipe and we look forward to them when I have a bountiful amount of fresh onions to use. Years ago I was never a big fan of Indian recipes.

Looking back, I guess it was because I didn’t know enough about it.  When I finally found out how healthful the spices are and how simple and good the […]

Onion Sets – What You Need to Know to Get Better Results

Are you growing onions from onion sets?  Do they send up seed stalks or do the tops fall over earlier than you think they should?  Do you get onions about pearl onion size, but want bigger ones?

With an understanding of how onions grow it’s possible to get better results.

Understanding What an Onion Set Is

Onion sets are small onion bulbs produced […]

Spring Onions Make a Delicious Garnish

There is nothing like the sweet delicious flavor of spring onions fresh from the garden. Only your hands have touched them and you know you can feel free to even partake of the green stalk.  This time of year it’s just as sweet as the white part; perhaps with a slightly different but complementary flavor.

Simple ingredients make a delicious and elegant garnish.


Bunching Onions – A Perennial Scallion Patch

There is something about the sound of a “perennial scallion patch” that should have irresistible appeal to any onion lover. To get one – you grow bunching onions.

As much as I love onions, I can’t for the life of me figure out why I haven’t grown them. But I’m remedying that this year.

Allium fistulosum – the true scallions – bunching onions.

I […]

Herbs – Baker’s Dozen for Kitchen & Garden

Sometimes being the best (or perceived as the best) only involves a small detail.

Two Analogies:

When a two great horses are racing and one wins by a nose, the winner is titled “the best” although he only won by a small amount. (And sometimes that “win by a nose” can make the difference in thousands of dollars.)

In the Olympics or even professional […]