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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Residual Herbicides in Compost Part 2: On Grow Mix, Potting Mix, Compost, Manure, & Mulch

If you are just joining me and have not read the first part, please read through Part 1 to gain a more complete picture of what is being discussed.


As I mentioned at the end of Part 1, my friend was ready to throw in the towel and not buy anymore potting soil and/or grow mix, compost or mulch.

And I must admit that in this day and age it is difficult to find products suitable for organic gardening, but they are out there.

Below are 3 points I think you will find helpful:

  • OMRI Listed – A Visible Indication of Product Suitability –   Organic Materials Review Institute is a non-profit organization that evaluates products for the organic industry. If the product you are looking at is marked “OMRI Listed” it has been reviewed and is consistent with the requirements of the National Organic Standard.

“OMRI Listed” is indeed a excellent indication of product suitability, but remember something very important when you are buying anything —–read more—-

Lettuce - A Teaser and Reminder

There’s still time!

March 24

As you may have guessed by now I am somewhat of a lettuce fanatic.  It is one of my favorite things and I like lots of it.  As I mentioned in my post – Lettuce Time to Plant – the best the stores have to offer cannot match homegrown from the garden in my opinion.

As I predicted in that same post —–read more—-

Lettuce - Time to Plant

March 9

I’m so hungry for lettuce!  What’s in the garden from my fall planting has only given me about 6 salads to date. Lettuce in the winter is slow at best, but the unusual lingering cold of this winter slowed it down even more.  With temperatures and daylight increasing it will soon be growing more quickly—but it can’t grow fast enough to suite me!

The stuff in the stores is so far from homegrown lettuce that I think they should call it by another name. The best they have to offer cannot —–read more—-