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Addendum to the post – Lettuce – Harvesting for Dinner on July 16th

It rained today and Bill took a picture for me that perfectly shows the right color for picking lettuce in the heat of the summer. So I added the following as an Addedum to the post of July 16th.  I’ll delete this post after a week or so.  It was such a perfect example of color I wanted you to know that I had […]

Lettuce – Harvesting for Dinner on July 16th

I know — I know — too many lettuce posts showing my mid-summer lettuce harvests.  But I just couldn’t help myself, because I want you to know that you really can have lettuce turn “eatable” after days and days of 100 degree heat.

We had a wonderful rain last night which not only considerably improved my attitude  but my stalked lettuce as well.

I […]

Lettuce – Seed Saving

Lettuce in the spring garden is seldom “in the way”, but by the time it stalks to about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall and starts flowering it can be a bother and in the way of later crops.

Nonetheless – if you want to save seed you have to deal with it. And this year, I’ve done better with that than in past […]

Lettuce – In 100 degree heat

If you read my post of June 28 you know I picked an enormous amount of lettuce that day —  in already hot weather — in anticipation of even hotter weather and higher temperatures.

It didn’t take but two days into the hotter and higher temps for the leaves of the already bolted lettuce in the garden to start looking really bad. (By bad […]

Lettuce – Secrets to Getting Eatable Lettuce well into Summer

If you were able to follow my suggestions in previous posts and

Planted far more lettuce than you thought you’d need Planted it continuously through the spring Planted it in every shady spot in the garden

— you should still be eating delicious lettuce.

What’s Happened So Far with My Lettuce

In June we had a few hot spells, but my lettuce is still […]

Lettuce – How to have more in the Off-season.

To assure that you can have lettuce to eat everyday in some of the off-season months you have to plant far more than you think you’ll need.

Continuous planting in the fall — with a little protection through the winter — will give you a bounty of salads long before your spring plantings have germinated.

And when it gets hot — and you think […]

Lettuce – and other Greens – Miracle Plants

Greens — especially lettuce — always remind me of the various accounts of Christ feeding the multitudes with several loaves of bread and a few small fish.

Unless you depend heavily on your garden for food you may not know why I relate lettuce to these biblical accounts.  I’ll explain.

In the fall I sow a lot of lettuce and spinach.  With a little […]

Lettuce – There’s No Right or Wrong Way

There’s no right or wrong way to grow or plant lettuce.  It’s a matter of what works best with your set of variables — which are many in any garden.

If you don’t have enough lettuce to suite you after mid March — or if you’re having trouble getting it to grow — you need to try another approach. The only way you’re going […]

Lettuce – Eating Fresh Even After it Stalks?

You know how a lot of articles always tell you that once lettuce stalks it’s no good? That’s just not true. It might be true most of the time, but it’s not true all of the time.

The writers of those articles are lettuce growers who haven’t had to find a way to either make it last — or not eat lettuce.  I have […]

Lettuce – Bitter? Secrets to Keeping it Tasty.

There’s nothing like the sweet taste of early spring lettuce.  It’s always a disappointment when hot dry weather comes and causes bolting and bitterness.

But don’t be in such a hurry to pull up your lettuce when that happens.  There are some secrets to getting lettuce that’s tasty through mid July or longer.


Batavia, Reine des Glaces, Red Sails, and Forellenschuss Lettuces […]