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Maria Rodale’s Open Letter to Obama

If you’re into organic gardening — and even if you’re not — it’s likely that you recognize the name Rodale.  J.I. Rodale was the grandfather of the organic movement. He started Organic Farming and Gardening Magazine (known now as Organic Magazine) in the l940s.  He started Prevention Magazine in l950.

His name came to command respect and authority in the organic and health fields.  […]

Only a Few Days to Make Your Voice Heard

Next week ( week starting January 24, 2011) the United States Department of Agriculture is expected to approve Genetically Engineered (GE) Alfalfa.

As discussed in my post of last week any GE crop causes widespread GE contamination of organic and other non-GE products. As one person put it – once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back. Why is […]

Monsanto – Don’t Entrust Your Life to Them

Ever heard of Seminis?  I hadn’t until just the other day.  They are a seed supplier to the suppliers.  In other words, they supply seed to a lot of home garden seed companies that send you catalogues.

You’ve probably grown some of their 4,000 varieties.

Tomatoes – Big Beef, Celebrity, Sunbrite, Cupid. Summer squash – Gold Rush, Goldfinger, Lemondrop, Embassy, Sunray, Dixie, Seneca Peppers […]