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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Mid-Summer Garden – Feeling the Change Towards Fall

The garden is always in a continual state of change.  We all know that.  But sometimes the change is so “present” that we feel it as we stand in our gardens.

That was the case as I stood in mine on Saturday, July 21st, in a misty cool much-needed rain.  The desire to garden that had been suppressed by July’s heat and dryness, came […]

Evaluating ROI – Broccoli and Cabbage – or anything else

The garden is an important part of my life.  It’s important to my daily sustenance and my health.  It’s so much a part of me that I really don’t think I could be happy without it.

Nonetheless, as with anyone — there is only so much time, energy and priority you can give your garden because there are other things that have to be […]

Vegetable Garden – Reasons for Success

This Spring the garden seems more enjoyable than ever before and so far the best and most beautiful of any in 34 years. It’s almost impossible to attribute any success or failure to any one thing because of all the variables involved.  But there are certain major things that you can point to as being responsible for most successes and/or failures.

The Majors:

A […]

Garden Report – May 17th

May is my favorite garden month because everything is so fresh and wonderful looking.  Plus lots of good things to eat and much to anticipate.

Here’s what’s happening in my garden:

Not all my pea seed germinated. What did — looks fabulous.  First planting (of 3 plantings) is 3 1/2 feet tall and clinging nicely to the sticks I stuck in the bed.  Has […]

Welcome to My Garden – May 2012

Things are starting to grow quickly now.  This is a great time to visit before the warm weather crops of tomatoes, cukes, and squash along with asparagus ferns make it a jungle of plants. I hope you enjoy it.

Approaching my garden gate.


Entering the garden and looking to the back border. (looking east.)


North end […]

Gardening and Health – 3 Simple Fundamentals

In this day and age life can be seemingly complex.  Goodness knows a lot of folks try to make it so.

The same with gardening. But in reality things are pretty simple.

There are fundamentals that hold true in the garden for growing almost anything.  If you apply them to your life in general you’ll stay healthier — just like your plants out in […]

Soil – Most Valuable Asset for Your Garden

Our first garden was at our previous residence 33 years ago.  A few years prior to our arrival there had been a garden on one side of the yard but  the other side of the yard remained untouched for at least 25 to 30 years.

The side that had been used as a garden had been plowed with heavy farm equipment and was visibly […]

Flowers – Needed in A Vegetable Garden?

There are many who plant vegetable gardens without a thought to flowers.

Why are flowers necessary for vegetable gardens?  Because they bring more bees to your garden in a way that just vegetables won’t.  And the more bees you have the more vegetables you’ll have.

As solitary bees collect flower pollen (used as protein for their young) and as they sip on nectar to […]

Thoughts as I Begin the Planting

Although I’ve been out on previous nice days this month to do tasks that needed doing, I consider today my first day “in the garden” this season — because it was the first day of planting.

Bill came back from the post office this morning with the first of my onions  and I was anxious to get them planted. With everything else going on […]

A Trap Anyone Can Fall Into

I was going to start this article with the sentence, “Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that our ancestors who founded this country were made of such tough stuff.”

By the time I had a chance to think about that, I realized that rather than our “ancestors” being made of tough stuff —- more than likely it was back then as it is […]