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Satisfying the Craving for Something Sweet

I saw a Martha Stewart video the other day.  She was making a chocolate cake and I believed her when she said it was one of the best.   But the sugar —- 2 cups!  And then 1 1/2 cups of confectionery sugar in the frosting. If I made that cake I would to have lots of folks over to eat it, because it would […]

How Is Your Garden in This Drought?

My guess is if you’re a bare ground gardener you’re not doing well at all.  If you mulch I would imagine you’re still having some difficulties, although you’ve probably made it through a lot better than conventional gardeners.

Even if you’re set up to water, it’s not the same as rain to plants. I don’t water, but when I thought I was going to lose my cucumbers and squash for sure, I hauled several gallons of water to them (twice) to try to get them through.   Fortunately – we had just enough rain last week to help them make a recovery.

The picture below is what you see as you walk into my garden. The cucumber is growing into my asparagus.  Tomatoes are to the left and right. (Summer poinsettia at bottom left corner of picture reseeds in my garden every year.  It’s so lovely I would hate to pull it all up.) This was taken yesterday, July 21, 2010.

Here’s how the same cucumbers  have been —–read more—-

Blueberry Tip

We’ve been without rain for almost 4 weeks.  There may have been a shower or two at various places, but believe me it’s dry. I’m not set up to water things, but my gardens withstand drought better than most because of the way the beds were originally prepared, the organic matter in the soil, and the mulch.

Everything has done well except for the plants I started late, and even those look pretty good but are not producing as heavily as they normally would.

I mentioned to someone today that I have been picking blueberries everyday since June 12th. I have more than 3 gallons in the freezer for winter and have made pies with another gallon and I’m still picking. They were amazed because someone else they knew who had blueberry bushes said all their berries dried on the bush.

I didn’t think to ask, but I wonder how the ground was prepared for those blueberry bushes. If a hole was dug and the bush planted and that’s it ——then no wonder the berries dried on the bush at the first sign of stress.

If you are thinking of planting blueberries be sure you —–read more—-

Blueberries - Beware of Root Competition

May 28, 2010

Blueberries are just about my favorite fruit to freeze for winter use. (Blueberry pie is the best!) I have — just as a precaution for the future — added 4 new blueberry bushes this spring.

If you’re a blueberry fan like I am, my guess is – you would not want to think of being without homegrown berries to pick.

From what I see, the main thing addressed about blueberries seems to be —–read more—-

Raspberries for Your Garden

Fruit can be in almost every home garden.

In all the years I’ve gardened I never thought about growing raspberries until 2007 after finding a recipe using red raspberries that I wanted to add to my list of special “company is coming” recipes.  Sadly it never occurred to me back then to search the web and I searched the catalogs instead.

I read that Latham summer bearers were suppose to be some of the best!  Boy was I disappointed!  After planting in the  fall of 07, first fruits  came in 2008. They were small, mushy, and horrible tasting!  Realizing that I had made a mistake, I ordered —–read more—-