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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

A Personal Note to You – and September Bloom

This has been an exciting garden year for me. So many things come to mind that I want to share with you about what can be done and how you might go about it.

I want to give you some new ideas for improving your soil this fall;  some easy ways to stay away from residual herbicides;  and a great way to grow some […]

Your Gardens – Perennial Flowers – MidSpring Bloom

Just a couple of great perennial flowers and one biennial can help make a show long about May in your flower garden and/or borders.

And they’ll help extend the show during the transition to the next bloom time in June.  In future posts I’ll give you a lot more detail on those perennials and the biennial. But  – just so you won’t get bored […]

Flowers – Needed in A Vegetable Garden?

There are many who plant vegetable gardens without a thought to flowers.

Why are flowers necessary for vegetable gardens?  Because they bring more bees to your garden in a way that just vegetables won’t.  And the more bees you have the more vegetables you’ll have.

As solitary bees collect flower pollen (used as protein for their young) and as they sip on nectar to […]

3 Simple Concepts to Enhance Your Flower Gardens and Borders

When I started vegetable gardening 32 years ago it was primarily to supply food that I would not have been able to acquire otherwise. (We still depend heavily on the vegetables I raise.) I started flower gardening I guess because it’s just in me.  I feel sure the love of it was passed to me by my Grandmother who gardened until she was almost 100.

I remember when I was a child visiting her in Wisconsin.  She had a large border of “colorful” flowers.  There was a large tree in the border with a swing that had been made for me.  Some 60 years later the colorfulness of her border remains in my memory still.

After Granddaddy died she lived with my Uncle who was one of the last homesteaders in Idaho.  Little by little my Grandmother “carved” out a garden on the property.

She had a good sized flower garden (maybe 40 x 40 feet) that she laid out and yes — she worked it herself.  Although— she took every opportunity to enlist the aide of whatever strong and willing young man (or woman) came along for whatever task it was that she could not readily accomplish alone.

All 3 Concepts were Instinctively Practiced by my Grandmother —–read more—-