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Cover Crops /Garden Information — Staying Out of Overwhelm

I spent a few minutes on a forum today reading a post that I had previously overlooked.

The poster began with, “I’ve been reading up on cover crops and, frankly, the information is overwhelming and somewhat confusing. What I’ve found with gardening (I’m fairly new to it) is that there isn’t ONE right answer. ”

They went on to say they would have a […]

Crop Rotation – Your Garden Too Small to Rotate Crops? Cover Crops are the Answer.

It seems I’ve always known about cover crops.  But I’ve never understood until recently the many ways they could help us take our success in our gardens to a new level.

In spite of previous extensive reading on cover crops, what really made their versatility hit home was an excerpt I read from a book on Biological Farming by Gary F. Zimmer and Leilani […]

Organic Gardening and the Value of Cover Crops

For centuries cover crops have been used to improve soil quality and fertility. They accomplish this by both their root structure and their above ground biomass.

In addition cover crops can

suppress weeds, bring beneficial insects, scavenge minerals from deep in the soil,

Oil radish is another easy cover crop that is said to bring up unused nutrients in the soil for the […]

Cover Crops – Buckwheat is one of the Easiest

Planting a cover crop is one of the best things you can do to help avoid depleting your soil of nutrients AND to add organic matter. My favorite cover crop to revitalize my soil is Buckwheat. It’s also one of the easiest.

Our forefathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson recognized the value of rotating their crops with buckwheat.  According to the Thomas Jefferson Agricultural […]

Last Part - Adding Organic Matter - 2nd Key to Soil Improvement

If you are just joining me I recommend you read the articles that preceded this article. Here are the links:

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Many organic gardeners compost. In case you don’t know, ‘to compost’ is to pile up organic material and allow it to totally decay.  There’s more to it than that —-but you get the idea.  The finished product — called compost — can be added to the soil at any time for the purpose of improving the physical condition of the soil and feeding plants.

When I first started gardening I started composting.  I did so for 10 years or more.  I never had enough.  I stopped composting.

I changed to incorporating —–read more—-