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Roses & Tomatoes ----& Cats?

From time to time as a summer progresses blackspot may show up on my roses. When it does  – if it’s a bad case – I usually just cut back the bush and get rid of the parts with black spot.

I only have 3 bushes, but after Mrs. Hundley’s 7 guest posts on Tending My Garden in May,  I have plans to add 3 more floribundas.  (You will recall that Mrs. Hundley is an ARS Consulting Rosarian, a Master Rosarian and an ARS Horticulture Judge.)

Anyway — I was going through a little booklet today published in 1976 entitled Hints for the Vegetable Gardener. Over the years I’ve used a lot of information from this book.  Today I noticed their tip about blackspot on roses and it was just too good —–read more—-