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Birds Outside My Window

Yesterday, while writing a new post for this site, I heard the clear loud song of a Carolina Wren outside the window in front of my computer. I slowly parted the blind to look out and there was a beautiful little Carolina Wren –  tail drooped and singing his (or her) heart out.

Today at approximately the same time, we had repeat performance.

It’s […]

Song Sparrow Serenade

June 5, 2010

My little garden co-workers, the song sparrows, continue to delight us.  As of my May 26th post they had yet to serenade us with their melodious song.  Since I put the post up, they sing to us everyday.

Bill recognizes their song from a distance and by the time he alerts me to the fact that they are singing, one of […]

Birding in the Garden

May 26, 2010

I don’t pay a lot of attention to most of the sparrows that frequent my garden. They are not that conspicuous in the garden (unless an English Sparrow visits) and I pay more attention to the wrens,  cardinals that come often, doves that fly up unannounced when I approach, mockingbirds with bad or scolding attitudes, the robins that enjoy my strawberries, the bluebirds that seem to delight in my garden, and goldfinch when they come in the fall.

About a month ago I was in the garden headed towards one of my favorite plants to check its bloom.  All of a sudden a little bird jumped out from under a large daylily plant and just about surprised me to death.  He just sorta scurried forward and when about 5 feet away, just went about his business foraging for food.

Several days later —–read more—-

10 Reasons to Mulch

March 18

Its only when the ground is frozen solid or snow is on the ground that I can’t really do anything in the garden and yard — except maybe peek at the lettuce under the cold frame.  This past February was such a month, so I lost almost an entire month of enjoying my yard and garden.

Fortunately most Virginia winters are such that I can accomplish a lot outside and get a jump on things before green growth takes over.  For me anywhere from 40 to 60 degrees is perfect for working outside.

In January this year I cut the ornamental grasses (I usually wait until March), and cut back some leather leafs and variegated shrubs that we use as a hedge along the side of the property that had grown about 10 to 15 feet tall. The mocking birds and thrashers loved them and were becoming quite prolific.  Both are aggressive birds and —–read more—-

Birds - Allies

February 24

When I was making plans to put up this site and thinking about what I could offer that would be of value, I came across a woman who said she was “a freelance writer and avid organic gardner.” I subscribed to her email list and it was not too long before I unsubscribed.

The email that really pushed me “over the cliff” so to speak was one telling about how —–read more—-