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Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Wildflowers

Beautifying your property with wildflowers is something you can do whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gardener; whether you have a half acre or fifty acres.

It’s easy.  Takes little work.  Brings bees and other pollinators onto your property. And is one of the cheapest as well as one of the most rewarding landscape projects you can do.

Island bed of California Poppies […]

Too complicated? They may not know.

I was doing some research on various things this morning. It amazed me how much stuff is online and how much of it seems to be written by people who really know nothing about the topic they’re writing on.  It’s as if they read a lot of information and then put together an article using all the right words.  Their favorite thing seems to […]

3 Simple Concepts to Enhance Your Flower Gardens and Borders

When I started vegetable gardening 32 years ago it was primarily to supply food that I would not have been able to acquire otherwise. (We still depend heavily on the vegetables I raise.) I started flower gardening I guess because it’s just in me.  I feel sure the love of it was passed to me by my Grandmother who gardened until she was almost 100.

I remember when I was a child visiting her in Wisconsin.  She had a large border of “colorful” flowers.  There was a large tree in the border with a swing that had been made for me.  Some 60 years later the colorfulness of her border remains in my memory still.

After Granddaddy died she lived with my Uncle who was one of the last homesteaders in Idaho.  Little by little my Grandmother “carved” out a garden on the property.

She had a good sized flower garden (maybe 40 x 40 feet) that she laid out and yes — she worked it herself.  Although— she took every opportunity to enlist the aide of whatever strong and willing young man (or woman) came along for whatever task it was that she could not readily accomplish alone.

All 3 Concepts were Instinctively Practiced by my Grandmother —–read more—-