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Excess Vegetables and Fruit – Your Garden’s Buried Treasure

In spite of any attempt to grow only the amount I think I will need of any particularly vegetable or fruit, nature has as way of providing more than planned for at times. Sometimes summer squash, tomatoes and cucumbers can be perfect examples.  I never consider this a problem.  As a matter of fact — I get down right excited about it!  You know why?  Because its my garden’s buried treasure ——–treasure that I bury for the sake of my garden.

I “dig in” or bury all the excess produce I get.   After it decays in the soil (which is quickly in the summer) the organic matter that results is a storehouse of essential plant nutrients for my future crops!  That’s reason enough to bury all my excess, but there is another benefit as well.

Fruits and vegetables (and all organic material) once decayed improve the soils structure, its drainage, and at the same time helps it to hold water that your plants can use. Wow!

Almost every gardener who is aware of the importance of organic matter will say they never have enough organic material to go around. (Organic material decays to make organic matter.) It’s always better to have more than your immediate need because you never know when you will need reserves in the soil. To have a great garden you need more organic matter in the soil rather than less.

So when you have excess — get excited.  It’s natures way of helping you plan for your future.

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