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Adjusting the WinterSown Method to Allow You to Start Vegetable Seedlings without Indoor Lighting

Understand that the “official” or “original” or “real” way of wintersown involves starting seed OUTDOORS in “taped closed” jugs (with the cap off for ventilation). They get the proper light and because of the somewhat protected environment, get off to a earlier start (germinate sooner) than they would if they were sown in borders or gardens without the protection of the container.

The seed […]

Rosemary – From Cuttings or Seed – Is There Any Difference?

I’ve grown the herb rosemary many times from cuttings. Easy to do. Just take a 4 or 5 inch tip cutting from early spring growth and stick in the ground (or a pot with moist grow mix) and wait for roots.

A few years ago I decided to grow some rosemary from seed.

I started it using the wintersown method.

Rosemary is known for […]

Wintersown – Index to my wintersown posts and topics covered in each

As long time readers already know, I don’t have enough light or enough room indoors to start seed. Since I wanted to grow from seed, I had to find a way.

About 5 years ago I found out that sowing seed in the middle of winter is very popular and was/is called wintersown. I took that method and made my own variations for even […]

Seed Starting – Warm Weather Crops – Adapting the Wintersown Method – Things You Need to Know

I’ve described my modifications of the wintersown method (that I use to get an early start on warm weather crops) in many posts, especially in my recent post and the one at the end of February. But, I’ve received questions from readers that would indicate a misunderstanding of my particular adaptation of wintersown.

The wintersown method of planting in jugs, taping them up, and […]

Wintersown – Variables – A Reader’s Questions – Nature’s Principles

I see a lot of slightly varying definitions for winter sown.  Basically it’s considered an outdoor germination method.  Seeds are sown into containers that are covered but vented.  Then they’re left outside to germinate whenever nature says the time is right.

What I really love about this method is that you can adapt it to almost anything you want to do and at almost […]

3 Ways to Help Guarantee Your Success in Spite of the Crazy Weather

Late with seed starting this year? Or did you start a month or so ago? Are you a bit worried about how the cold will affect the success of your garden this year?

Worry all we want, we can’t do much about the weather.  But there are a few things we can do to give our plants and gardens a great chance for success in spite of the weather. —–read more—-

Seed Starting – Two Main Reasons Seedlings Fail

I received some questions from a reader who is having trouble with his onion and celery seedlings.

I don’t have detailed information on his situation, but from the information I do have, I can tell that he (like many others who are new to starting seed) does not have a basic understanding of what seedlings need to grow.

If you’ve been reading any length […]

Growing Onions from Seed

If you’ve been keeping up with things you know that it’s the goal of Monsanto to control all the seed. If they have their way — which they’re good at getting since they have a revolving door with the government — natural seeds will be virtually extinct in time.

If you want to research that — here’s a good starting place:

When I […]

Wintersown – Answer to Questions about Seeds and Transplanting

I received an email from a reader this morning who planted lettuce via the wintersown method and wanted to know if they planted the right number of seeds per jug or bottle. 9 seeds were planted in each of 4 jugs. Also used were four 2 liter coke bottles in which they planted 4 seeds each.

No set Rules

There are no set rules […]

Seed Starting – Winter Sown update

We had some pretty cold temperatures for Virginia last week. Low teens every night and below freezing for several days at a time.

Different varieties of onion seedlings (an inch or so tall) and different lettuces already up about 1/4 inch came through being frozen solid for several days without any visible difference.  Amazing!

Also wintersown January 11th were some heirloom dandelions known as […]