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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Marketing/Hype – Will The Product Advertised Give You Healthy Nutrient Dense Produce You Desire?

The onslaught of advertising for gardening products is on!

Have you already seen several things that you think would enhance your garden’s ability to produce more? Or help your newly started seedlings grow better? Or be just the kind of watering system you need?

Do These Advertisements Sound Like Something You Need?

“Our unique fertilizer is blended to include all the micro-nutrients that (whatever […]

Assumptions/Watering/Onions and Most other Vegetables/3 keys

Since I first started in 2010, one of the things that I’ve found to be strong within gardeners is the urge to water.

The urge is so strong that unless someone literally has no way of watering (other than maybe hauling an occasional watering can to a plant – like my situation) they never really know what the plants will or can do.


Fall planting – Lettuce – New Variety – Garlic – Winter Rye Strategy

Although we still have a few weeks of summer remaining, the change to fall is in the air. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy one of the best and most enjoyable times to grow your own food.

Started my first planting for fall lettuce about mid August. Transplanted the seedlings to the garden day before yesterday. No rain. Soil was bone dry so carried […]

Organic Gardening – Getting Started Better, Cheaper and Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to live in the country.

I thought maybe that had changed when Bill and I were married in 1964, and we moved to Baltimore. I can’t say I’m sorry for the 14 years we spent there. It was a good experience.

Bill worked in air conditioning and refrigeration and did better with a tightly structured […]

Variables – That’s Just Gardening

The reason for trying to start fall/winter crops in August is to give them as many days to get established with long daylight hours and warmth as possible.  The more growth they get in before low light and cold weather sets in — the more bountiful will be your winter harvest.

Long about the first of August this year the rain was still coming […]

Gardening without irrigation — Dry Farming

Some months back I opened an Organic Gardening Newsletter email and something caught my eye right away: Dry Farming.

I’d never heard of this, so I immediately clicked on — read — was interested — and did even a little more research.

Come to find out — I’ve been doing this for 35 years! I just didn’t know it had a title.

You can […]

Want to Garden Successfully? – Look to Nature

Gardening –even more than most things — is simple.  It’s amazing how complicated folks can try to make it.  It’s almost as if people don’t like simple things —- or think because they’re simple they can’t work.  Oddly enough — that’s usually what does work — simple stuff.

It’s nice to have someone to guide you and help you when you first start gardening […]

Watering – Guidelines to Consider

I had to run out to the garden about noon today to get some radishes for lunch.  When I walked out the door in the cool shade of our big maples it was delightful. I was comfortable and shaded all the way to the garden.  Once a few feet past the gate, I felt the true warmth of the day since all but a […]

Watering – It’s Overrated

As much iberis (candytuft), oenothera (pink primrose) and bathes pink (a great dianthus) as I have around — it seems that I always have places that need some.  They make the borders so colorful in spring. So every year  I try to plant more of each in spots that need it.

My timing is not specific — just whenever I get to it — […]

Needs One Inch of Rain a Week – Oh Yeah?

I was out in the garden this evening transplanting lettuce and lamenting the spring drought we’re having.

Beds that are heavily mulched are still ok.  Nice moist soil beneath the mulch even though we’ve been at least a month with nothing but a drizzle.  But beds where I’ve planted crops like lettuce, kale, turnips, carrots, onions and radishes and then just sprinkled a thin […]