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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Voles – Trapping Tip

Happily, I’ve not had much trouble with voles wreaking havoc in my five winter lettuce beds.

But I wasn’t surprised when I noticed some damage a week or so ago when I removed the covers after several days of cold temperatures.

I set a trap right away. (Regular mouse trap with peanut butter for bait and a pot on top to cover.) Caught a […]

Voles – Shrews – More about the Truth in controlling them in the Garden

Several weeks ago one of the garden beds with my most lush planting of fall lettuce was invaded by voles and/or shrews.  What tipped me off was  — I noticed several of the plants wilting for no apparent reason.  When I pushed my fingers into the soil I immediately discovered one of their tunnels.  They weren’t surfacing in the bed, but rather just tunneling […]

Voles, Moles, Mice & Shrews – How to Control Them in the Garden

If you’ve gardened any length of time you’ve probably encountered one or all of these garden pests.  Voles, moles, mice or shrews – they’re not pleasant to deal with but you CAN do it.  I’ve been waging war successfully with them for 35 years. So I feel pretty qualified to give you the best battle strategies.

Did you notice that I said “waging war […]

Garden Observations – November – Care to Compare?

As I learn that various readers have snow covering their gardens already, I’m even more appreciative of living in Virginia and being able to have more time in the garden in the fall.


My pepper plants are heavy with peppers waiting to turn red.  Last year this time I had many more red ones.  I attribute this not only to a cold spring […]