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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Early Fall/Late Summer Garden – Pictures and Observations

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All except one tomato plant gave up producing about 6 weeks sooner than usual. That means no tomatoes for me in December and/or January.

The most beautiful and most productive tomato plant was the one in the fence border close to my back door. It’s still producing! And it’s why I’ll have […]

Tomatoes – Ways to Stake – Tip to Help Prevent Splitting and No Taste Fruit after Rain

A week or so ago we had torrential rains! Friends a couple miles down the road measured 6.5 inches of rain in just a short few hours.

For the most part, I stay out of the garden when things are this wet. But the day after the rain I was anxious to see if any of the stakes holding my tomatoes had fallen over.


First Frost – What’s Doing in the Garden – A Tip – A Good Habit

If you’re north of the invisible line dividing our country, you’ve probably already had frost and even a hard freeze.

Here in zone 7 we usually enjoy a longer season.

When we lived closer to the water years ago, it was not unusual to be picking tomatoes in mid December.  Then we moved to our current residence 7 miles inland and frost came a […]

October in My Garden – A Time for Preparation, Harvesting, and Planning.

One of the things I like about living in zone 7 is that it’s possible for me to work outside almost all year except for when the ground is frozen. In years past it seemed to me that was only a week of days at most. These last few years it’s been more like one or two months.

There are a couple of reasons […]

Tomato – One Tough Plant But Still Subject to Nature’s Variables

If I had to name what I’ve found to be the toughest plant in the garden over the 37 years of growing them, I’d have to say it’s the tomato. It’s also one of the easiest to grow.

Some years back (2012) friend and reader Sandra wrote to me saying that she was having problems growing tomatoes. Only one year in ten would she […]

Irresistible Gift for a Gardener – Wong’s Grow for Flavor

From time to time I receive emails from authors or publishers wanting me to mention, review, or recommend their books on TMG. Most of those are readily dismissed because they don’t share the organic values that TMG encourages.

Even the ones that may share the values I promote are most often dismissed as well. Not because they’re not of value, but because I just […]

Tomatoes – Favorite Varieties – Reviews – Great Source for Heirloom Tomatoes

My starting point for growing tomatoes in any year is my favorite tomato – Big Beef.  NOT the hybrid, but rather the open pollinated Big Beef that was dehybridized by Gary Ibsen and is available only through Tomato Fest, as far as I know.

Years ago I’d buy seedlings from a local stand. Then I started growing from seed. Then some years back […]

Garden – Late October – Pictures and Garden Talk

Entering my garden and looking left towards the upper end.

The garden this time of year has it’s own beauty.  I especially enjoy feeling the warmth that’s still in soil even though the air is cooler.

Eggplant. About 8 remain on the plants.  Most are hidden by the foliage but you can still see at least 5 if you look closely.

Eggplants […]

Tomatoes – Tips – It’s Time to Plan for Year-end Fresh Eating

If you haven’t already saved the seed of several of your biggest, best and most delicious tomato, now is the time. It’s easy and I gave step by step instructions in this post:Seed Saving – Tomatoes – How to

Wish I had saved the seed of the tomato below.  It was one of the first and one of the most beautiful of the heirloom […]

Thanking Sponsors and What’s Ahead

If this site has added value to your life, most especially in regards to gardening, then you have 14 fellow readers to thank for making it possible.

I’ve always liked the idea of having this simple basic information about organic gardening available free for those folks who are looking for an easier way and want to pull free from all the marketing hype. I’ve […]