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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

3 Tips for Fall – Lettuce / Bush Bean Planting, Squash Bug Control Strategy (& a personal note)

#1 – What You Need to Do to Get a Bountiful Supply of Lettuce Through Next Spring

To get a bountiful supply through fall, harvests through the winter, and the earliest supply of lettuce in the spring now is time to start your staggered plantings of lettuce if you haven’t already.

I usually start about mid August and stagger plantings every 10 days or […]

Irresistible Gift for a Gardener – Wong’s Grow for Flavor

From time to time I receive emails from authors or publishers wanting me to mention, review, or recommend their books on TMG. Most of those are readily dismissed because they don’t share the organic values that TMG encourages.

Even the ones that may share the values I promote are most often dismissed as well. Not because they’re not of value, but because I just […]

Garden – Late October – Pictures and Garden Talk

Entering my garden and looking left towards the upper end.

The garden this time of year has it’s own beauty.  I especially enjoy feeling the warmth that’s still in soil even though the air is cooler.

Eggplant. About 8 remain on the plants.  Most are hidden by the foliage but you can still see at least 5 if you look closely.

Eggplants […]

How Do You Get Rid of the Squash Bug Eggs You Find?

Found and killed two squash bugs when I checked the plants today. Also found two clusters of eggs.

I don’t like spending anymore time doing this than I have to. So my approach is to tear the cluster of eggs off the leaf and not make a big deal of it. The leaf might not look so beautiful after that, but it doesn’t hurt […]

Butternut Squash – When to Harvest

It always amazes me how much conflicting information is online about almost any subject. And that includes when to harvest butternut squash.

Understandably, that can cause a lot of problem for gardeners looking for a correct answer. Especially difficult I would think, for new gardeners who have no experience to help them determine whether the information given is right or wrong.

Just as an […]

How’s Your Garden Doing? – Comparing Notes

It always seems advantageous to know how others are faring with plants that we’re growing in our own gardens – or with plants that we might want to grow in the future. It gives us that much more information (from the other person’s experience) to add to our base of knowledge. That can, sometimes, give us just the edge we need to help us […]

Winter Rye as a Cover Crop / 2 Strategies

The only disadvantage for a gardener that I can see of using winter rye for a cover crop is if they don’t know anything about it and therefore don’t plan to work with the characteristics of winter rye.  If you know how it grows and how to use it — it’s one of the best cover crops to plant.

It likes cool weather — […]

Garden – Strategy for Better Overall Garden Health

We eat mainly what we grow and there are very few vegetables that I buy from the grocery store — even in the winter.  And when I do they’re organic and in season.  I wouldn’t pay even a penny for a tasteless store bought tomato or cucumber.  Nor do I buy onions or potatoes. (Yes, I know— I’m spoiled.)  I consider myself blessed that […]

A Reader Writes – My Garden Pictures – Squash at Last

I received the most uplifting email from Pam, a reader of TMG, this morning.  Pam had written to me back in July telling me about her garden and how she had not realized just how important soil is to the success of a garden.

And this year — in spite of all her efforts —she felt she had only produced a buffet for deer. […]

Squash & Bugs – It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

I lost 16 squash plants to the Squash Vine Borer this summer.  Fortunately, I started new seed the minute I transplanted the original plants to the garden. And then continued to do that each time I lost some so I’d have back-up.

Even though the SVB killed the first of both my yellow squash and my Zuchetta (a vining zucchini) they seem to definitely […]