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February Garden Talk – Onions Seedlings – Unconventional Tips – Planting Cole Crops Early – Discovering Easy Seed Starting and Other stuff

Planted 4 varieties of onions with  good storage potential on January 15th. Yellow Parma, Australian Brown, Stuttgarters and Mako. They’re up about 4 or 5 inches.

Onion seedlings outside in containers.  Started January 15th.


Spinach just germinated two days ago.

Friend and reader, Betty Taylor, in Tennessee grows Stuttgarters and has given excellent reviews on their keeping ability.

If you’re interested […]

Pick Up Your Free Copy – My Article on Spinach is in It

If you have a Tractor Supply store near you, pick up the fall issue of their free magazine, Out Here, to read my article on growing spinach. I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know what the title is. (The editor of the magazine chooses the title.)

By starting spinach now you’ll be able to enjoy it at its very best in the […]

Growing Spinach – Time to Start for a Fall and Winter Crop

I planted a package of mixed greens last fall and as usual with mixed plantings, had 3 “unknowns” that I wish I had names for.

In particular I fell in love with an arrow-shaped green with medium green leaves and wine-red veins and stems. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious! I used it all fall in salads mixed with lettuce. Then when […]

How’s Your Garden Doing? – Comparing Notes

It always seems advantageous to know how others are faring with plants that we’re growing in our own gardens – or with plants that we might want to grow in the future. It gives us that much more information (from the other person’s experience) to add to our base of knowledge. That can, sometimes, give us just the edge we need to help us […]

How’s Your Winter Garden? – Comparing Notes

My mulched garlic looks good.  It’s not quite as tall as it was before the cold temperatures.  Looks as if about an inch of the tips were browned by freezing.  Otherwise, it’s fine.

I’ve just used the last garlic bulb from last year.  I planted more this year in the hopes of getting through next fall, winter, and spring with my garlic rather than […]

Variables – That’s Just Gardening

The reason for trying to start fall/winter crops in August is to give them as many days to get established with long daylight hours and warmth as possible.  The more growth they get in before low light and cold weather sets in — the more bountiful will be your winter harvest.

Long about the first of August this year the rain was still coming […]

Wintersown – Answer to Questions about Seeds and Transplanting

I received an email from a reader this morning who planted lettuce via the wintersown method and wanted to know if they planted the right number of seeds per jug or bottle. 9 seeds were planted in each of 4 jugs. Also used were four 2 liter coke bottles in which they planted 4 seeds each.

No set Rules

There are no set rules […]

Lettuce – Greens – Will fall plantings carry you through Spring and Summer?

Click below to listen.[audio:]

I received an email yesterday from a reader. She writes:

“In the fall, we planted an entire 4ft x 30ft bed of greens and lettuce.  If I had a cloth over it, we’d be picking still like crazy. We think that the greens in this bed will come back/get new growth in the spring which would put aside the need […]

Greens – Now is the Time to Plan for the Heat of Summer

I’m looking forward to an abundance of all kinds of greens this year:  various kales, lettuces, borage, chard, beet greens, corn salad, claytonia,  mizuna, arugula and anything else that will grow.

In peak season they come in abundance — which I love.  But I’m also planning for the heat of the summer — when almost no one has greens – or if they ARE […]

Wintersown and garden report – Radishes – Lettuce – Spinach

The snow we had Sunday was much to my liking.  Started at 6PM.  Ended during the night.  Looked lovely for an hour or two and was gone. 🙂 Left a nice crisp chill in the air, but not enough to keep me from enjoying this mild winter and the promise of early crops from my winter sown seed.

Report on Lettuce Transplanted

The Green […]