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Growing Potatoes – Planting in Best and Worse Conditions

I had a few readers ask about planting potatoes in May, June or July. My assumption was — that either”planting potatoes late” was an after-thought for those who asked — or they had some extra seed-potatoes on hand.   So of course, my answer was “Go for it!”.

If that was the case then that’s still my answer because if you don’t plant — it’s […]

Growing Potatoes –Is the “natural” way the best?

Mary, a new reader from England wrote to me recently to ask if she could still subscribe to my private email list. (And yes — I have several spaces available.)

In the first email Mary received I mentioned that Frank (a reader and friend in our area) had asked if it was too late to plant potatoes.  I answered:

That’s a question the answer […]

Garden – Strategy for Better Overall Garden Health

We eat mainly what we grow and there are very few vegetables that I buy from the grocery store — even in the winter.  And when I do they’re organic and in season.  I wouldn’t pay even a penny for a tasteless store bought tomato or cucumber.  Nor do I buy onions or potatoes. (Yes, I know— I’m spoiled.)  I consider myself blessed that […]

Potatoes – Might be some ideas here

Here it is the end of September and we’ve eaten an entire row of Chieftans and also Kennebecs.  As delicious as Cheiftans are —- the Kennebecs are my favorites, but sadly I dug the last of the row tonight.

I may have mentioned previously that the voles ate EVERY one of my Canela Russets planted in the ground in late May. Fortunately  only  a […]

Early Blight on Tomatoes – There’s Hope

I must admit I’ve always liked my way of gardening — keep it simple — let nature help you — and ignore most of what people say you can’t do.

And although I read Organic Gardening Magazine cover to cover for years, I’m almost glad I didn’t have the computer back then.  Information overload can be just as bad as not enough information.

I […]

Late Blight – Know Your Enemy – Tomatoes – Potatoes

I spent most of the summer fighting Early Blight.  Then all of a sudden the leaves on one of my Window Box Roma tomato plants got funny little dark  holes in them and blotches all over the leaves.   One day the plant was lush and full and the next day it had all these blotches all over the leaves. That is also what happens […]

Cover crops – Benefits – Some easy ones – One you might want to Rethink.

The few rains we had at the end of July — although brief — were just enough to get some cover crops started in various beds in my garden.

Cover crops have so many uses. They’re an easy and economical way to improve your soil. And now that so many spring/early summer crops are done, it’s a great way to revitalize the soil before […]

How to Plant Potatoes – To Extend the Harvest

The easiest way to have potatoes over a long period of time if you have no place to store them is to

plant early and late varieties and plant them over a period of 3 or 4 months.  (March/April through the first of July)

This  will allow you to start harvesting new potatoes in June (maybe even a bit before that).  Late varieties planted […]

Potatoes – Harvesting and Storing

Mature Potatoes – Now What?

When potato vines wither and die the potatoes are mature.  They won’t grow anymore. Leave them in the ground at least 14 more days to allow time for their skin to thicken. This is the easiest way for the potatoes to cure. It goes a long way towards reducing bruising and rot in storage.

If for some reason you […]

Potatoes – Are Yours Disfigured?

The potatoes have been beautiful as well as delicious this year. You can understand my surprise and disappoint when I harvested some the other day that were less than beautiful.  They had a common potato disease called potato scab.

Still OK to Eat

The good news is they’re ok to eat and still delicious. Just cut the unsightly part away from the skin and/or […]