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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

February Garden Talk – Onions Seedlings – Unconventional Tips – Planting Cole Crops Early – Discovering Easy Seed Starting and Other stuff

Planted 4 varieties of onions with  good storage potential on January 15th. Yellow Parma, Australian Brown, Stuttgarters and Mako. They’re up about 4 or 5 inches.

Onion seedlings outside in containers.  Started January 15th.


Spinach just germinated two days ago.

Friend and reader, Betty Taylor, in Tennessee grows Stuttgarters and has given excellent reviews on their keeping ability.

If […]

Early Fall/Late Summer Garden – Pictures and Observations

Click the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look.


All except one tomato plant gave up producing about 6 weeks sooner than usual. That means no tomatoes for me in December and/or January.

The most beautiful and most productive tomato plant was the one in the fence border close to my back door. It’s still producing! And it’s why I’ll have […]

Diversity, a Principle of Nature – In What You Eat as Well as What You Grow

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to admit how long I lived before I learned certain information that was vital to my well being and could have made me healthier and thus, improved my life much sooner.

Until we learn otherwise, we’re pretty much a product of our upbringing.

Take food for example. Food selection when I was growing up was basically limited to meats, meats, and […]

Answering a Reader’s Question – Root Crops – pH – bone meal – Buckwheat – and more

Ask any question about gardening and you can get a multitude of answers. The problem comes in knowing what information to act on.

How we receive information we read or hear (what we end up believing and acting on) depends in most cases on what we already have stored in our mind, be it true or false.

Make no mistake about it, repetition is […]

Variables – That’s Just Gardening

The reason for trying to start fall/winter crops in August is to give them as many days to get established with long daylight hours and warmth as possible.  The more growth they get in before low light and cold weather sets in — the more bountiful will be your winter harvest.

Long about the first of August this year the rain was still coming […]

Garden – Strategy for Better Overall Garden Health

We eat mainly what we grow and there are very few vegetables that I buy from the grocery store — even in the winter.  And when I do they’re organic and in season.  I wouldn’t pay even a penny for a tasteless store bought tomato or cucumber.  Nor do I buy onions or potatoes. (Yes, I know— I’m spoiled.)  I consider myself blessed that […]

Winter Gardening – Notes on various greens and vegetables

If you’re hungry for some fresh garden lettuce and greens about now, consider planning to have a winter garden for next year.  There are many things you can grow and especially if you live here in Virginia where the winters are not that severe (most of the time).

Never give up trying something new along with something tried and true. You never know when […]

Gardening tips — Big Success can start Small


At last I have an audio of a post.  Click above (left) to hear me talking to you. Please let me know how you like the audio. If you think these audios are helpful, I’ll include more.


One of the easiest ways to have big successes in gardening is to be continually conducting little experiments.

If you’re successful with your little experiments […]

Alice’s Carrot – Adam or Eve?

I received an email this morning from Alice, my friend and reader from Nevada who sent me the picture of her great looking red bell peppers back in October.

They’ve already had their first light snow there, but Alice is still puttering in the garden. She reports picking green beans just before it snowed and of course, has lots of green tomatoes ripening.  Swiss chard […]

Transplanting Root Crop Seedlings

I’ve really had fun with winter sown seed this year. Just for the fun it, I’m starting some root crops that are usually traditionally seeded in the garden.

And they’re traditionally seeded directly in the garden because in most cases they do better that way.

But if you’re like me and want to start some beets, carrots, turnips, or radishes either inside or winter […]