Another Gardening “method” Around Every Corner

There seems to be a different gardening “method” around every corner. This makes it particularly difficult for one who’s just starting to learn about gardening and/or one who has been totally programmed by current marketing rather than sound advice.

But no matter how long we’ve gardened, the practices we embrace are decided primarily by how we perceive the world and what we believe to […]

Our Gardens Are Our Best Bet for Nutrient Dense Food

As growing organic becomes more and more appealing as a “money maker”, the quality of organic food available in stores or even farmer’s markets may be less than buyers would hope for.

Several Years Back Most Folks Coming to Organic Farming Came in One of Two Ways.

There were those who trusted nature from their beginnings in growing food/animals and wanted to work with […]

Increase Your Knowledge by Resisting an Urge All Gardeners Seem to Have

As you continue to make your plans for your garden and/or flower borders this season I hope you’ll try at least one new thing.

I try to keep my “experiments” free from the pressure of “expectations” by adapting and “ok – lets see what this will do” attitude.

Last year I ordered a package of brussels sprouts for the first time. With Bill being […]

Did you receive your PDF you ordered – Secrets to Seed Starting Success?

All the PDFs that were ordered have been sent out. Most were sent by March 15th. If I received your order after that, I sent the PDF when I received your order.

Most who ordered have received them just fine, but a few readers have written to me and said they did not receive theirs.

After doing a bit of looking around the internet, […]

Secrets to Seed Starting Success – Clarification – Special Offer Extended – First Feedback

Toni, friend and reader from Oregon, missed receiving an email notification of the last post. The delivery system for those notifications are from “feedburner” which is owned by Google. It’s all automated so unfortunately as with all automated things we are at the mercy of the system.

Fortunately, Toni visited TMG to look for a past post and happened to see the new post […]

Question About the Last Post is Opportunity to Talk About Manures and Concepts

A reader emailed me regarding the last post saying,  “I assume what you are talking about is the chemical fertilizers like most farmers use on their grain crops. Not manure like I get from my animals.”

Considering the dictionary definition of fertilizer I can understand why my post needs clarification:

Dictionary definition of “fertilizer” – a chemical or natural substance added to soil or […]

Answering the Question: Do You Need to Add Fertilizers to Your Garden to Feed This Year’s Crops?

The earth produced bountifully for thousands of years to those people who worked with nature and followed her principles. Then only a little more than 150 or so years ago, a German chemist by the name of Justus Von Liebig mistakenly deduced that nitrogen, phosphorous and potash (potassium carbonate) was what nourished plants.

The NPK of today’s chemical agriculture was born.

Chemical companies jumped […]

Vacation? Away on Business? Will You Trust Others to Tend Your Garden?

I just got an email from a friend and reader who plans to be away on vacation for 3 weeks.  She reports that tomatoes are “dripping from my vines” and “I’ll have to pay a neighbor kid to pick them — and  freeze them for me.”

From what readers tell me, it’s not unusual for folks to go away and leave their garden even […]

Before my Garden – A Dog Story

There was an Orvis Company advertisement that stated how the dogs of our lives (or any special pet for that matter) can carve a place in our hearts. They become so much a part of us that even after they’re gone, that part of our history is defined by their all-too short life.

This is certainly the case with Bill and me.  I wrote […]

AOL is making it hard – You may not be receiving personal emails

If AOL is your email provider — I just wanted you to know that you may not be receiving my personal emails if you are subscribed to the “Special 100 list.”  I sent a letter to this special list late PM on August 21st.  Every letter to a reader with an AOL email address came back to me undelivered.

I re-sent the letter  to […]