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Tomatoes – Save Time; Save Freezer Space; Get Better Tasting Sauce; Recipes for Kids, Formal Dinner, Appetizer

Tomatoes are just about the most popular home grown vegetable (fruit). Many who don’t consider themselves gardeners, still grow a few tomato plants every year.

I’m so spoiled by the taste of homegrown tomatoes from my organic garden that I won’t eat tomatoes from the store — organic or otherwise.

Tomatoes from my garden.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Tomatoes

Here are some […]

How to Make Tomato Sauce – or Tomato Paste — the easy way.

For about 30 years I made tomato sauce on top of the stove.  (I called it tomato essence, but basically that’s how many folks make tomato sauce.) Although it was homemade and good — there were still some things I didn’t like about it.

By the time the tomatoes spent hours in the pot cooking they turned a very dark color — not at […]

Tomatoes – Roasted – For the easiest, most delicious Tomato Sauce.

No matter how you preserve your tomatoes, I think once you try roasting them and then simply stirring to make the most delicious sauce you’ve ever had — you may decide to make this your main method of preserving them for winter use.

There’s something about oven roasting that imparts a flavor you just can’t get on top of the stove.

Stove Top vs. […]

A Quick and Delicious Tomato Sauce

Homemade, Easy, and Fast


Ready to serve

In a hurry, but want a really special homemade sauce for your spaghetti or pasta?

If you have fresh tomatoes on hand, here’s a recipe that doesn’t take much preparation time or time in cooking.  The flavor is so good that it can stand on it’s own ——-or you can add olive oil, garlic, vinegar, […]