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Could You Survive? Giving It Thought Now Might Make All the Difference for You and Your Family

Friend and reader, Julie, sent me an email the first part of September saying that she and her husband had evacuated their home because of fires.

They live in the mountains and are surrounded by forest. Coupled with the hottest summer on record, fire spread quickly when a power pole fell and caught the hillside on fire.

Miraculously, their home was spared. You’ll see […]

Dried Beans — Not too time consuming

This year was my first year growing beans for drying.  I usually have purchased dried beans on hand in the winter, but I wanted to see if I could handle growing my own without adding more to my work load than I could handle.  (Also — as with any food — homegrown is always far superior to store-bought.)

I choose two varieties: Agate Pinto […]

Being – Self Sufficient – What Does it Mean?

Mary, a reader from England, shared her thoughts about becoming self sufficient in two comments on my last post.  She would very much like to be or become self sufficient but basically thinks that the reality of the situation is that it’s not possible.

She pointed out that we don’t dig for our own gasoline, don’t grow and spin and weave cotton to then […]