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Adjusting the WinterSown Method to Allow You to Start Vegetable Seedlings without Indoor Lighting

Understand that the “official” or “original” or “real” way of wintersown involves starting seed OUTDOORS in “taped closed” jugs (with the cap off for ventilation). They get the proper light and because of the somewhat protected environment, get off to a earlier start (germinate sooner) than they would if they were sown in borders or gardens without the protection of the container.

The seed […]

How’s Your Garden Doing? – Comparing Notes

It always seems advantageous to know how others are faring with plants that we’re growing in our own gardens – or with plants that we might want to grow in the future. It gives us that much more information (from the other person’s experience) to add to our base of knowledge. That can, sometimes, give us just the edge we need to help us […]

Transplanting Seedlings – A Tip to Help them Take Hold More Quickly

I know somewhere I’ve already addressed this tip for transplanting seedlings, but I sure couldn’t find it anywhere.  Maybe I wrote it in a letter to the “special 100 list” last year. It’s a tip that can make a big difference in how quickly your seedlings take hold once they’re in the garden.

For more years than I care to remember (about 32) I […]

Seed Starting – When to Begin – Adapting to Change

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Seed Starting – Two Main Reasons Seedlings Fail

I received some questions from a reader who is having trouble with his onion and celery seedlings.

I don’t have detailed information on his situation, but from the information I do have, I can tell that he (like many others who are new to starting seed) does not have a basic understanding of what seedlings need to grow.

If you’ve been reading any length […]

Is your Garden liking this Cold?

This has been the first real spring weather we’ve had in years.  Most of the vegetables don’t seem to like it — but the perennials are doing fabulous and loving the cool weather and ample rain fall.

I’m expecting company next week and had hoped to have the garden looking wonderful.  But it doesn’t.


I’ve already told you about my peas not coming […]

Vegetable Plants – Not Growing? Stunted? Yellow Leaves?

How many of us have transplanted our cucumber and squash seedlings (both winter and summer squash) to the garden and had them sit there for what seems like an eternity (3 weeks) and not do anything but get worse looking than when we put them in the ground?

And how upsetting is it when we lovingly and with great anticipation plant our tomatoes and […]