Onions – Helping A Reader – Should She Plant According to Directions on the Package?

I received an email today from long time friend and reader, Toni, from Oregon.

She writes:

I’m looking on my onion seed packets. These are seeds grown for companies locally. They all say to plant the seeds directly into the garden from April to mid-July. This is really confusing me. Do you think I should try doing that?

Because of your direction in blog […]

Early Fall/Late Summer Garden – Pictures and Observations

Click the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look.


All except one tomato plant gave up producing about 6 weeks sooner than usual. That means no tomatoes for me in December and/or January.

The most beautiful and most productive tomato plant was the one in the fence border close to my back door. It’s still producing! And it’s why I’ll have […]

Following Standard Gardening Advice / Some Examples/And Why it Might Happen

Seed starting season is here and we’ll be transplanting to our gardens before we can catch a deep breath.

onion seedlings

I hope you’re looking forward to the new season. If you’re a long time reader of TMG you’ve learned to save lots of time by not doing things that conventional wisdom dictates you “have to” do.

You already know if you work […]

Succession Planting and Nature

In the most recent post on lettuce in mid September, it had not rained here for weeks. Shorty after that, it rained for an entire week. Then skipped a week and rained another week.

The garden is now perfect for transplanting my lettuces.

As you already know from the previous post, I started succession planting the first of September.  Thus far, four plantings are […]

Lettuce – Making Sure You Have Enough for Fall, Winter & Next Spring

This year is the first time I remember not having all the lettuce I could eat well into August. And even in the early spring I had less than the amount I like.

I’m going all out in September and October to make sure lettuce is plentiful in the garden for fall, winter and next spring.

Starting Seed – Succession Sowing – When to […]

Secrets to Seed Starting Success – A Sneak Preview

As much as I’ve written about seed starting I still get lots of questions about it. Part of that might be because people read one short post and then ask questions that have been answered in other posts they’ve not read. Thus, I decided to write one publication (I think maybe I should call it a seed starting course)  that will approach seed starting […]

Adjusting the WinterSown Method to Allow You to Start Vegetable Seedlings without Indoor Lighting

Understand that the “official” or “original” or “real” way of wintersown involves starting seed OUTDOORS in “taped closed” jugs (with the cap off for ventilation). They get the proper light and because of the somewhat protected environment, get off to a earlier start (germinate sooner) than they would if they were sown in borders or gardens without the protection of the container.

The seed […]

Vermiculite – Perlite – Use Caution – Seed Starting

In the post Starting Seed – Seed Starting Mix I told you all about the grow mix I use to use, why I no longer use it, and what I was going to experiment with to start my seed.

(That post gives lots of information on what you DON’T want when you buy pre-mixed stuff.  So be sure to review it if you’re new […]

Fall Crops – Starting in Flats – Can be a Strategy for Pest Control, Increased Yield, Saving Space and Time

Almost 40 years of gardening and I’m enjoying starting fall crops more than ever this year; mainly because of the benefits I’m enjoying from an adjustment to my usual seed starting and transplanting methods.

How the Adjustment Came About

A couple of weeks ago the first lettuce seeds I’d started for fall had germinated. They were small, but a size good for transplanting if […]

Onions – Details on my 2015 Harvest

As regular readers know, I’ve been experimenting with growing onions from seed so that I won’t have to be dependent on Dixondale (or anyone else) for transplants.

Report on Onions from Seed

This past winter I started several varieties of sweet onions that would come in early. Early is usually synonymous with short day onions in my garden. They’re not for long term storage, […]