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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Winter Gardening – Conditions That Offer the Best Protection from the Cold

Just a week ago, garden beds were extremely dry. Not a concern for most of the garden because I knew sooner or later the rains would come and all would be well. I was, however, concerned about beds planted with lettuces and other greens that have already required covering for protection from cold temperatures.

Here’s why.

If those beds remained dry and severe cold […]

Winter Gardening – Making it Easier – Air Circulation – Note about Slugs

When first I started winter gardening with hoop tunnels we went the traditional route. It involved

driving sections of rebar into the ground every 4 or 5 feet along the edge of the beds; then bending and fitting the pvc pipe over the rebar remaining above ground to hold the curved pipe in place. The hoops were then stabilized with strong string or twine. […]

Flea Beetles – Possible Quick Fix Solutions and Addressing the Real Problem

I recently received an email from a new reader in New England (Western Massachusetts) who was having trouble with flea beetles destroying her brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc.) and requested that I post something about them.

Different Species

There are various species of flea beetles. Most species have a certain plant or crop that it prefers. There is at least one species that feeds […]

November Garden – Extending the Season – Peppers –Tomatoes – Eggplant and other notes

Those peppers that only grew 6 inches and stayed 6 inches until about mid-July ended up growing 5 to 6 feet tall and producing lots and lots of peppers. Finally by September, I was getting beautiful and delicious red peppers. I rationed us to two a day, but we’ve eaten 2 everyday for more than 60 days. And they’re still coming. (I use several […]

Garden Observations – November – Care to Compare?

As I learn that various readers have snow covering their gardens already, I’m even more appreciative of living in Virginia and being able to have more time in the garden in the fall.


My pepper plants are heavy with peppers waiting to turn red.  Last year this time I had many more red ones.  I attribute this not only to a cold spring […]

Tomatoes & Peppers – Before the Storm


I spent yesterday and today  trying to do whatever I could to prepare for several days of wind and rain from the storm Sandy.  You may have done the same.

I made bread, soup, strawberry muffins, and several other things so I can put meals together when the electricity goes out.  Filled buckets of water. Cleaned the house.  Don’t know what good that […]

Gardening in October – What’s Going On

The season of hot weather crops is closing and the season of cool weather crops and winter garden preparation has begun.

Tomatoes still hang heavy on the vines and I’m harvesting 4 to 6 baskets a week — which amounts to 30 to 40 pounds.  Thus, I’m still making roasted tomato sauce each week to freeze for winter use.

Time to make tomatoes […]

Frost Free Date – Deciding When to Start Seed / When to Set Out Seedlings

There are several seed starting charts online. They list various vegetables, how many weeks before or after the last frost it’s safe to set them out, and how many weeks beforehand you need to start the seed.

You use your area’s last frost free date to determine the date to start your seed and the date to transplant your seedlings to the garden.

Frost-Free […]

Frost Protection for Plants – Prepare to Extend Your Gardening Season

Most traditional gardens are finished for the season long before the first frost.  But an organic garden seems to out-last the traditional ones.  Mine does anyway.

If you’re an organic gardener and live in zone 7 as I do and are prepared for frost protection for plants in your garden via garden fabric called row covers, you can extend your growing season possibly another […]