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Marketing/Hype – Will The Product Advertised Give You Healthy Nutrient Dense Produce You Desire?

The onslaught of advertising for gardening products is on!

Have you already seen several things that you think would enhance your garden’s ability to produce more? Or help your newly started seedlings grow better? Or be just the kind of watering system you need?

Do These Advertisements Sound Like Something You Need?

“Our unique fertilizer is blended to include all the micro-nutrients that (whatever […]

Manures – Good or Bad for the Organic Garden?

I have a list of posts I want to write for you, but have been giving all my available time to the book I’m writing.  One of the things I wanted to post about — as a result of several questions from readers — was using manure in the organic garden. (In any garden really.)

Since I’ve just finished writing the draft […]