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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Tomatoes – Save Time; Save Freezer Space; Get Better Tasting Sauce; Recipes for Kids, Formal Dinner, Appetizer

Tomatoes are just about the most popular home grown vegetable (fruit). Many who don’t consider themselves gardeners, still grow a few tomato plants every year.

I’m so spoiled by the taste of homegrown tomatoes from my organic garden that I won’t eat tomatoes from the store — organic or otherwise.

Tomatoes from my garden.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Tomatoes

Here are […]

Trying to Cut Back on Meat?

If you’re like me – you were raised on meat and potatoes. (My Father was a meat salesmen — so we had plenty of it.) I can also add dumplings,  canned peas and spinach with an occasional piece of iceberg lettuce thrown in for good measure on a sandwich made with Wonder Bread and tomatoes. And of course, homemade apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, […]

Canned Foods – One your Garden can Help You Avoid

We don’t eat very many things that come in cans. But according to statistics I saw sometime ago, 17% of the average American’s diet comes out of cans.

The one canned item that was a staple in this household for many years was tomato paste.  Even after I found out about the dangers of BPA, I was naive enough to think that because I […]

14 Tips for Quick Meals

About the only way I know of to eat healthfully and get away from all the unhealthy stuff offered in the stores is to prepare everything from scratch — or almost everything anyway. (I buy already prepared mustard and organic Mayonnaise.) I’ve being preparing meals from scratch for years.  And yes, it does take some doing — but mostly it takes planning.

All of […]

Healthy Snacks – Hummus with Roasted Garlic is One of the Best

This might be at the top of the list for healthy snacks!

If you want something to snack on that is really delicious and satisfying but good for you as well, this recipe for Hummus with Roasted Garlic could be just what you’ve been looking for.

What’s so Good About Them?

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) make healthy snacks. They’re reported to help lower cholesterol, improve […]

Fried Green Tomatoes – Frozen – but with the crispness and taste of fresh off the vine

I was talking via email to a friend that I met on a forum I frequent. In the course of our conversation about putting food up for the winter she mentioned that she was going to ‘bread’ some green tomato slices (for fried green tomatoes) to put in the freezer.

She went on to say that she did it last year and made fried […]

Pasta with Pesto — Gotta Have Fresh Basil

I started sweet basil from seed this spring so I would have plenty for freezing to brighten up meals in the winter.  I tucked it away in various garden locations when it was still a bit too cold for basil and then forgot it. Thankfully, at least 2 plants made it.  They’re small but particularly beautiful and fresh looking.

Sweet basil in […]

Onion Burgers – A delicious recipe for onions.

Onion Burgers are my favorite Indian recipe and we look forward to them when I have a bountiful amount of fresh onions to use. Years ago I was never a big fan of Indian recipes.

Looking back, I guess it was because I didn’t know enough about it.  When I finally found out how healthful the spices are and how simple and good the […]

Tomatoes – Roasted – For the easiest, most delicious Tomato Sauce.

No matter how you preserve your tomatoes, I think once you try roasting them and then simply stirring to make the most delicious sauce you’ve ever had — you may decide to make this your main method of preserving them for winter use.

There’s something about oven roasting that imparts a flavor you just can’t get on top of the stove.

Stove Top vs. […]

Blueberry Pie – Blackberry Pie — Combination is Even Better

Growing blueberries and blackberries is high on our priority list. There’s nothing like small fruit pies/tarts to help satisfy the craving for something sweet.  (And no — you don’t need sugar — but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

This year I started picking blueberries June 13th.  Here it is the end of July and we’re still picking!  We’ve harvested 9 gallons from […]