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Real Soil – Fake Soil – and a Reader’s Question about Mulch

I find it rather amazing that product marketing has convinced a lot of gardeners that in-soil-gardening is passé; in other words old fashion and out dated.

Buying a bag of something or other – even though it has no nutrient value whatsoever – is just what is needed to raise veggies – so they say. Throw in a little compost to give a few […]

3 Keys to Successful Gardening – More Proof They Work

If the people of the world are to have food in the years to come, a great change will have to take place in the way farming is done.

Any of us who have been paying attention realize that big chemical companies are responsible for the currently dominant farming methods.

In spite of all the promotion saying that chemicals and poisons are necessary and […]

Organic Gardening – Getting Started Better, Cheaper and Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to live in the country.

I thought maybe that had changed when Bill and I were married in 1964, and we moved to Baltimore. I can’t say I’m sorry for the 14 years we spent there. It was a good experience.

Bill worked in air conditioning and refrigeration and did better with a tightly structured […]

Raised Beds – Lasagna Gardening – Soil Preparation

Bill visited the local hardware store today to get something he needed to fix a light. He said they were really busy.

On his way in and out he passed by stacks of bagged garden “mixtures”.  Some of the bags he took special note of to mention to me when he got home were the ones labeled “soil for yards” and those labeled “soil […]