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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Want to Increase Your Garden’s Chances of Success for Next Year?

The more soil area plant roots have access to, the more abundantly they can produce. (That’s one of the main reasons for deep soil preparation when you start a garden.)

The specific soil organisms that partner with and help 90% of all plants and extend the root systems of the plant up to 2,500 times what the plant could reach by itself, won’t survive […]

Organic Pest Control – More Help from the Braconid Wasp on Russian Kale

When I started growing Russian Kale a few years back, I was somewhat surprised at the deluge of harlequin bugs starting about June and into July. Boy, do they love Russian Kale!

Last year, although I hand checked and killed each day, the huge leaves looked so ratty that I finally decided to pull the plants and then plant more for fall when bugs […]

Bugs and Disease – Are they hiding in the Mulch?

As many of you know I have been trying to finish the book I’m writing.  I’ve not had to work outside during this cold spell as is my habit and that’s been helpful towards getting the book done.  (Regular readers know that I try to work one to two hours in the garden and/or borders everyday.  I usually average about 300 days per year. […]

Organic Pest control – Disease Management – Working on the Cause rather than the Symptom.

Before I ever started gardening I had complete faith that I could garden organically in spite of what I was told to the contrary. And from the stand point of using only organic “stuff” in and on my garden — I was organic.

But looking back I see that at least for the first 5 years I had the same approach (or attitude) as […]

Voles – Shrews – More about the Truth in controlling them in the Garden

Several weeks ago one of the garden beds with my most lush planting of fall lettuce was invaded by voles and/or shrews.  What tipped me off was  — I noticed several of the plants wilting for no apparent reason.  When I pushed my fingers into the soil I immediately discovered one of their tunnels.  They weren’t surfacing in the bed, but rather just tunneling […]

Leaffooted bug – egg id / Stink bugs – Leaffooted Bugs – Trap Crop Strategy

In a recent post I shared some information with you from one of 3 links that a reader had sent to me.

In this post I’ll cover information from the other two links Pat sent. One was on identifying the leaffooted bug’s eggs and the other was on trap crops.

Eggs of the LeafFooted Bug

I hadn’t realized that the eggs of the leaffooted […]

Bugs and/or Diseases in your Organic Garden Got you Down?

We humans are funny creatures. All kinds of great things can be going on, but let one or two negative things come along and we seem to focus all our attention on those.

It’s very easy to allow the negatives to get us down. At least unless or until we’ve trained ourselves to do otherwise. Even then — if you’re anything like me — […]

Growing Cucumbers – Varieties, The Beetle, Growing on a Support

Cucumbers are another vegetable that I don’t buy from the store —- ever!  (No taste unless they’re home grown.) So that  limits my cucumber eating to about 3 months in the year.  I usually get about 6 to 8 weeks from the plants and another 4 weeks out of refrigerated excess.

In past years cucumber beetles have been the bain of my cuke plants  […]

Organic Pest Control — Eliminate the Cause

As the growing season gets into full swing most of us will sooner or later do battle with some form of garden pest — either insect or disease.

By working with nature and continuing to improve your soil every year you should have far less pests and disease problems with each passing year.

If you’re gardening in soil that has been abused and loaded […]

Want to Garden Successfully? – Look to Nature

Gardening –even more than most things — is simple.  It’s amazing how complicated folks can try to make it.  It’s almost as if people don’t like simple things —- or think because they’re simple they can’t work.  Oddly enough — that’s usually what does work — simple stuff.

It’s nice to have someone to guide you and help you when you first start gardening […]