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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

3 Tips for Fall – Lettuce / Bush Bean Planting, Squash Bug Control Strategy (& a personal note)

#1 – What You Need to Do to Get a Bountiful Supply of Lettuce Through Next Spring

To get a bountiful supply through fall, harvests through the winter, and the earliest supply of lettuce in the spring now is time to start your staggered plantings of lettuce if you haven’t already.

I usually start about mid August and stagger plantings every 10 days or […]

Garden “Checklist”?

My long time friend and reader, Patricia, emailed me today with the following question and statement: Do you have a mental checklist that you go through as you do your daily garden maintenance tour?  I would love to write that down and follow the same pattern as you.

Yes, I have a mental checklist that over the years has become so ingrained that it’s […]

Trouble with Ants?

Ever since we’ve lived at our current home (17 years), Bill and I always joked about the house being built on an ant hill.

We seem to always have a constant parade of ants in the kitchen and bathroom. Even in my office, which is a sunroom, I have a somewhat constant parade along the window sills and an occasional ant on the computer.


Organic Pest Control – Is It Just About the Soil?

As I’ve said many times over the past six years when writing for TMG, healthy soil consistently enriched with organic matter is first and foremost in guaranteeing the success of your garden.

Healthy soil feeds our plants, and it helps protect them from diseases and pests.

Plants grown in poor soil that don’t have good soil life to help them be healthy, literally put […]

Russian Kale – My Take on Growing It

Friend and reader, Betty D, emailed me recently to ask if I ever planted Russian Kale in the fall for winter harvest. And if so, when do I plant.

Since I had more answers than Betty had questions, I thought what I’ve experienced with this kale would make a post that might give you some different ideas.

Superior Kales

Like many folks, I thought […]

Winter Gardening – Making it Easier – Air Circulation – Note about Slugs

When first I started winter gardening with hoop tunnels we went the traditional route. It involved

driving sections of rebar into the ground every 4 or 5 feet along the edge of the beds; then bending and fitting the pvc pipe over the rebar remaining above ground to hold the curved pipe in place. The hoops were then stabilized with strong string or twine. […]

Potato Beetles – Organic Pest Control – Programmed Responses

From my own experience as a new gardener 37 years ago, the questions I receive from readers, and comments I see on various forums, it seems that even “organic” gardeners turn to chemicals (but one approved for organic use) when something goes wrong in their gardens – be it pests or disease.

Why We Do What We Do

Our beliefs have the biggest influence […]

Want to Know An Easy Way to Increase Your Harvest by 10%?

I watched a short video recently on harvesting. The fellow was harvesting his potatoes. After he finished he told the audience to dig through the bed a second time as it would increase the harvest by 10%.

I smiled.

Universal Law

This increase of 10% seems to be a law of the universe that applies to many crops. Most especially to crops that “hide” […]

Reason to Garden – Food that Nourishes

This may be the latest I’ve ever been with various garden tasks because of the difficulties Bill and I have been experiencing. However, I’ m not daunted by it. Several reasons account for that.

 The weather being cool has worked for me. It’s way too early in my garden for hot weather crops like cukes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants to really take off.  I […]

Organic Gardening – Adding Commercial Fertilizers – Nutrient Dense Food

The use of organic fertilizer products (and/or insecticides) is not really what organic gardening is about.

True organic gardening strives to create a fertile soil by a natural cycling of organic material. When the living organisms in the soil are supported and nourished by decayed organic material and cover crops, they produce healthy crops which in turn create health in humans and animals that […]